List of Web and Internet - Chating apps

Web and Internet - Chating Software list Web and Internet - Chating Software list
We've picked some of the Web and Internet - Chating apps that you can download for free.

1- 4shared Desktop for Mac (Freeware) 15.22 MB
4shared Desktop for Mac

2- Deluge (OpenSource under LGPL) 24.48 MB

3- IOTransfer for Mac (Freeware) 7.12 MB
IOTransfer for Mac

4- MacUpdater (Shareware) 6.64 MB

5- qBittorrent for Mac (OpenSource under LGPL) 18.59 MB
qBittorrent for Mac

6- Tomato Torrent (OpenSource under LGPL) 607 KB
Tomato Torrent

7- Wondershare Mobile Trans for Mac (Freeware) 43.58 MB
Wondershare Mobile Trans for Mac

8- Airmail (Shareware) 201 KB

9- FaceTime (Shareware) 36 KB

10- iMessage (Freeware) 63.83 MB

11- LINE for Mac (Freeware) 231 KB
LINE for Mac

12- BitTorrent for Mac (Freeware) 1.23 MB
BitTorrent for Mac

13- Transmission (OpenSource under LGPL) 5.16 MB

14- uTorrent for Mac (Freeware) 1.13 MB
uTorrent for Mac

15- Vuze for Mac (Freeware) 47.60 MB
Vuze for Mac

16- Skype for Mac (Freeware) 91.66 MB
Skype for Mac

17- Viber for Mac (Freeware) 108.54 MB
Viber for Mac

18- Bleep for Mac (Freeware) 10.06 MB
Bleep for Mac

19- Cisdem WinmailReader for Mac (Commercial) 1.89 MB
Cisdem WinmailReader for Mac

20- Droplr for Mac (Commercial) 21.43 MB
Droplr for Mac

21- Mail Designer Pro (Commercial) 525.30 MB
Mail Designer Pro

22- ManyCam for Mac (Freeware) 86.63 MB
ManyCam for Mac

23- Nimbuzz! for Mac (Freeware) 27.34 MB
Nimbuzz! for Mac

24- QQ International for Mac (Freeware) 41.80 MB
QQ International for Mac

25- Telegram for Mac (Freeware) 34.65 MB
Telegram for Mac

26- Thunderbird for Mac (OpenSource under LGPL) 48.81 MB
Thunderbird for Mac

27- WhatsApp for Mac (Freeware) 127.08 MB
WhatsApp for Mac