Family apps, list 67

Family apps, list 67 Family apps, list 67
We have compiled a list of Family software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Tailor Software 1.0.0 (Demo) 1.1 MB
Tailor Software : You can work with this user-friendly software solution in your tailoring shop, as it provides you with all the proper tools to conduct your business

2- Butterfly (formerly Menses) 2.0 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
Butterfly (formerly Menses) : Fertility calculator based on menstruation cycle calendar

3- GAYAGA 1.0 (Freeware) 954 KB
GAYAGA : Real Time Text Translation

4- CycloGraph 1.9.1 Beta (GPLv3) 53.7 MB
CycloGraph : Altimetry profile visualizer to help you create road elevation graphs and routes using services like OpenRouteService, OSRM or OpenStreetMap

5- MAGIC Tool 2.1.0 (GNU Public License) 17.1 MB
MAGIC Tool : Java-based educational program that helps you explore and process DNA microarray TIFF files, distinguish signal from noise, generate a series of clusters, filter your data by removing unnecessary genes, and calculate dissimilar

6- UA9OV CwType 2.30 (Freeware) 925 KB
UA9OV CwType : This terminal program is designed for CW radio operators and allows them to make transmissions from various devices connected through LPT ports

7- FONmaker 1.01 (Time-limited Trial) 669 KB
FONmaker : FONmaker is an application developed to be just a powerful bitmap font creator for Windows

8- Earthsim 2.0 Build 0.7.16248 Beta (Freeware) 33.5 MB
Earthsim : A program that allows you to explore the solar system

9- FormCalc for QuickBooks 1.01 (Shareware) 1.5 MB
FormCalc for QuickBooks : FormCalc provides summaries, calculations and column math on QuickBooks forms

10- Any DGN to DWG Converter 2018 (Demo) 4.8 MB
Any DGN to DWG Converter : Convert all of your DGN files to the DWG or DXF format with only a few mouse clicks, to be able to import them into CAD applications

11- Bibfilex 1.2.8 (GPLv3) 1.6 MB
Bibfilex : A reliable software designed to create and to manage archives of bibliographical items according to Biblatex structure and rules

12- NMEA Converter 1.0.0 (Demo) 809 KB
NMEA Converter : Convert NMEA data streams obtained from various specialized instruments to other formats in real-time, with this straightforward utility

13- Calculadora Inteligente 9.0.274 (Time-limited Trial) 1.2 MB
Calculadora Inteligente : This is a useful calculator that has a scrollable tape and allows you to save calculations as a text file.

14- Self Test Training - Microsoft 70-246 1.0.0 (Demo) 7.3 MB
Self Test Training : Microsoft 70-246 : Prepare for the 'Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012' Microsoft certification exam with this tool comprising 152 test questions

15- CutList Plus fx 14.0.6 (Time-limited Trial) 26 KB
CutList Plus fx : Generate informative cutting diagrams for woodworking projects with this application that can also keep track of wood parts and their corresponding prices

16- UnkleBill 1.0 (GNU Public License) 6.6 MB
UnkleBill : Create a budget account in order to handle your transfers, view periodical status of your budget, and generate reports with this practical application

17- BitPay 5.3.1 / (MIT License) 62.7 MB
BitPay : Securely manage multiple Bitcoin wallets and transactions with the help of this user-friendly and cross-platform piece of software

18- Skorydov Digital Form16 (Freeware) 42.4 MB
Skorydov Digital Form16 : A useful tool for making digitally signed Form 16

19- English Nepali Dictionary - Lite 1.0 (Shareware) 690 KB
English Nepali Dictionary : Lite : A simple, yet effective utility that easily converts your PC into an English to Nepali dictionary and translates each Nepali word within seconds

20- Linear Equation System Solver (Freeware) 123 KB
Linear Equation System Solver : Equation solver created in Java

21- Matrix Guru 2.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.6 MB
Matrix Guru : Handles matrix calculations of all types, allowing you to add and multiply matrices, find determinants, calculate inverses, and more

22- Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard 1.0 (Freeware) 724 KB
Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard : Typing program for beginners to learn the keyboard.

23- Subtitle Translation Wizard (formerly Subtitle Mixer) 4.9.0 (Demo) 24.8 MB
Subtitle Translation Wizard (formerly Subtitle Mixer) : Handy utility which enables you to translate subtitles, as well as edit and time them, and comes bundled with support for many languages

24- Clinic Assistant 6.4 (Demo) 18.5 MB
Clinic Assistant : A useful patient manager

25- Cut Optimization WoodWorks (Time-limited Trial) 3.8 MB
Cut Optimization WoodWorks : Define plates and parts for wood, glass, and plastic cut-out plans to be efficiently put into place to make the most out of your material

26- Stand up (Freeware) 527 KB
Stand up : A simple application whose focus is on your health, as it notifies you every 15 minutes and prompts you to get up the chair and walk

27- Merops 10.089 (Demo) 3.1 MB
Merops : Manage your stock portfolio with this comprehensive application that allows you to get quotes from markets, as well as to view financial statistics

28- Cleantouch School Management System 3.0 (Demo) 11 MB
Cleantouch School Management System : Management System for Schools, Colleges or Universities.

29- STIMS Cutter (Time-limited Trial) 1.1 MB
STIMS Cutter : Optimize the linear cutting parameters and boost performance while reducing operation costs and maximizing material use with this app

30- My Medications List (Time-limited Trial) 1.9 MB
ListPro : Create all sorts of pre-defined or custom lists, protect them with a password, and decide which ones are worth syncing to your iPhone

31- Home Planet 3.3a (Freeware) 1.5 MB
Home Planet : View trajectories of Sun and Moon, enable satellite tracking, analyze celestial objects, and study the sky map, with animated simulations at custom speed levels

32- Mouse Locator (Freeware) 20 KB
Mouse Locator : Locate your mouse pointer's position on your screen by relying on this lightweight application that does not require any configuration

33- Loan Calculator 1.2 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Loan Calculator : Handle your budget with care to efficiently cover all expenses by calculating interest rate loans, and repay periods, with options to generate reports

34- SlovoEd Deluxe Spanish-Russian 7.6 (Demo) 216 MB
SlovoEd Deluxe Spanish-Russian : Software solution that allows you to translate words from Spanish to Russian, learn a new language, create cards, bookmarks and take lots of quizzes

35- Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit (Freeware) 96 KB
Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit : A blocking tool to prevent installation of Service Pack updates through Windows Update

36- WinBlack Pro 2.5 (Shareware) 2.4 MB
WinBlack Pro : Effectively manage transactions, accounts, debts, credits and other financial aspects, with the help of this reliable application

37- Barcode Label Maker Enterprise 7.80.6526.18163 (Demo) 6.6 MB
Barcode Label Maker Enterprise : Create barcodes, insert elements, adjust lines, shape, add text, pick from multiple styles, import or export data tables with this neat application

38- Citrus Invoicer Free 1.0.0 (Time-limited Trial) 2.5 MB
Citrus Invoicer Free : A straightforward software solution that makes it easy for you to create detailed invoices with ease, while specifying the names of your customers and the list of products

39- Project Hello7000 2.0 (MIT License) 59 KB
Project Hello7000 : Open-source chatbot made with Java, which can answer simple questions and tell you random stories, featuring a small AI database

40- Small Office Tools - Cash Counter 1.3.10 (Time-limited Trial) 3.7 MB
Small Office Tools : Cash Counter : Easy-to-use and lightweight application that can help retail managers and cashiers balance their cash registers in no time at all

41- Multiicon 3 Dictionary 9.0 (Demo) 23.3 MB
Multiicon 3 Dictionary : Find the Hindi, Gujarati or Urdu equivalents or English words and listen to the correct pronunciations, with this handy application

42- YS Car Workshop 2.01 (Time-limited Trial) 3.7 MB
YS Car Workshop : Integrate this invoice system with your car repair business in order to easily keep track of stock, suppliers, purchase invoices, and more

43- CarbuCheck 1.0.43 (Freeware) 5.2 MB
CarbuCheck : CarbuCheck : Calculate your consumption

44- Showtime! 1.2.00 (Demo) 25.7 MB
Showtime! : A useful and versatile application that helps you to design your movie studio by import your own film posters, write the scripts and contact the actors

45- MindFlayer 0.8 (Freeware) 108 KB
MindFlayer : Stimulate your eyes and mind

46- SaralDent 4.0 (Time-limited Trial) 26.6 MB
SaralDent : This application is a fully integrated, comprehensive practice management package for dental clinics.

47- Musonya Translator (Demo) 567 KB
Musonya Translator : Perform text translations between different languages (e.g. English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Japanese) and export the translations to plain text files

48- Junior World of Words 4.3 (Time-limited Trial) 115 MB
Junior World of Words : An educational tool aimed at children or beginner-level students curious about the mysteries of the English language and who want to learn new words using pictures

49- Ovulation Calendar (Time-limited Trial) 569 KB
Ovulation Calendar : Monitor your fertility cycles to figure out the best days to conceive a baby and to avoid pregnancy using this intuitive software application

50- DTM Text to JSON Converter 1.00.03 (Freeware) 2.7 MB
DTM Text to JSON Converter : Convert the contents of TXT or CSV files to the JSON formats using one of the several supported value separators, with this lightweight utility