Family apps, list 73

Family apps, list 73 Family apps, list 73
We have compiled a list of Family software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- WeatherNotify (GNU Public License) 349 KB
WeatherNotify : Always stay up-to-date with the weather report for your favorite city, with this unobtrusive application that offers detailed reports on demand

2- Adaptrade Builder (Time-limited Trial) 12.2 MB
Adaptrade Builder : An application designed to generate trading strategies for stocks and forex to use on trade platforms like TradeStation and AmiBroker

3- WD SmartWare Software Updater (Freeware) 39.4 MB
WD SmartWare Software Updater : My Book Live software update for Windows users

4- SewWhat-Pro 4.3.5 (Demo) 8.5 MB
SewWhat-Pro : Process embroidery files and plan how certain stitches will be performed with this tool that provides a wide range of practical and efficient tools

5- Inventoria Inventory Software 4.03 (Time-limited Trial) 663 KB
Inventoria Inventory Software : Create, organize and easily keep track of a manageable inventory with the help of this feature rich straightforward application.

6- CycloEdit 0.99.7 Beta (Freeware) 102 KB
CycloEdit : Harness the Power of your CycloDS Evolution!

7- WordBanker English-Russian 6.7.0 (Freeware) 19.7 MB
WordBanker English-Russian : An intuitive application designed to assist you in learning the Russian language in short time and at your own pace, with daily practice

8- Adarian Money 5.3 Build 4344 (Demo) 5.8 MB
Adarian Money : An application that allows you to manage and organize your cash activities, investments and a wide array of various other transactions

9- LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary 2008 German - Arabic 1.2.26 (Demo) 4.2 MB
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary 2008 German : Arabic : It can help anyone study a foreign language

10- Lucid Reserve Study 1.03.0026 (Demo) 31.6 MB
Lucid Reserve Study : Budget manager that helps you keep track of your finances, create a reserve study for your homeowner’s association, and generate all sorts of reports

11- Baseball ScoreBook 3.4 (Time-limited Trial) 2.6 MB
Baseball ScoreBook : A program that helps you keep track of team and player statistics in real-time as you score your game, while allowing users to view a whole score sheet, box score with game summary, individual player stats, scatter and

12- Full Form Dictionary (Freeware) 1 MB
Full Form Dictionary : An easy to use application developed in order to provide you with the full explanations of popularly used acronyms, without having to resort to the Internet

13- Football DB 3.0.4 (Freeware) 14.2 MB
Football DB : A dedicated database that allows you to view detailed information about the football clubs

14- Realtime Landscaping Photo 2012 7.15 (Demo) 109 MB
Realtime Landscaping Photo : Enables you to design landscape for your home in a three dimensional environment, as well as import pictures from the hard drive

15- SlovoEd Deluxe French-Spanish 7.2 (Demo) 175 MB
SlovoEd Deluxe French-Spanish : A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that allows you to translate certain words from French to Spanish, both on a visual and audio way

16- SlovoEd Deluxe Italian-Spanish 7.6 (Demo) 137 MB
SlovoEd Deluxe Italian-Spanish : Software solution that allows you to learn a new language, translate text from Italian to Spanish and take quizzes to evaluate your progress

17- PatientOS 1.3 (GNU Public License) 385 MB
PatientOS : A Healthcare Information System Software

18- Dataware Barcode Software 1.0 (Freeware) 578 KB
Dataware Barcode Software : A handy tool that helps you create barcodes by simply entering the numbers, while allowing you to print the barcode, copy it to the Clipboard, or save it to JPG file format

19- dP Pressure Drop Calculator 1.5 Rev0 (Freeware) 2 MB
dP Pressure Drop Calculator : A simple, straightforward and reliable software solution that helps you to calculate various pipe coefficients like dynamic viscosity and pipe volume

20- StripMagic 0.2 Beta (Freeware) 1 KB
StripMagic : A Java tool for creating stripboard layouts

21- School Management Software 3.4 (Shareware) 197 MB
School Management Software : A fully-featured school management system that enables you to organize every aspect of your school, including students, classes and the staff

22- Essential Budget 0.8 RC2 (GNU Public License) 13.6 MB
Essential Budget : Keep track of expenses and incomes, accounts, budgets, and transactions in an organized interface you can carry around on a thumb drive

23- CheckWriter 7.03 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
CheckWriter : A check-writing software application with support for printing functions, company details editing, print position adjustments, and others

24- BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016 (Time-limited Trial) 610 MB
BarTender Enterprise Automation : Create barcode designs and automate the printing process with multiple complex settings, such as log management, emailing alerts or VB scripting

25- SpexWorld Playground 1.04 (Demo) 11.6 MB
SpexWorld Playground : Design your playground, and walk around it to see how it feels in your virtual world

26- Network Lights 1.3 Build 12.0117 (Freeware) 79 KB
Network Lights : Blink keyboard LEDs indicating outgoing and incoming network packets, adjust the blink duration, and indicate all traffic (TCP, UDP and ICMP packets)

27- Visual Dictionary 1.0.0 (Freeware) 29 MB
Visual Dictionary : An intuitive and easy to use educational application that can help children and adults alike improve their English vocabulary using images

28- Versaverter 4.0.a5 (Freeware) 585 KB
Versaverter : Unit conversion program that helps you work with various categories, such as Acceleration, Angle, Area, Fuel Consumption, Power, and Pressure, and copy the results to the clipboard

29- Cargo Optimizer Enterprise 5.30.77 (Time-limited Trial) 29.2 MB
Cargo Optimizer Enterprise : Optimize the loading time and placement of cargo on shipping containers, run animations and generate reports, with this powerful application

30- Logic Gate Simulator 1.4 (GNU Public License) 673 KB
Logic Gate Simulator : An intuitive and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to simulate logic gates, being fit for both home and academic use

31- PicoCurrency 0.1.1 (Freeware) 18 KB
PicoCurrency : A world currency converter

32- 3clickBudget 1.4.3 (Shareware) 743 KB
3clickBudget : Your personal Finance Manager. Easy way for tracking your money

33- Easy Currency Converter 3.52 (Time-limited Trial) 531 KB
Easy Currency Converter : Easily convert various types of currencies and keep the rates saved locally for times when an Internet connection is not available

34- Bar Code 93 Font Set 4.2 (Shareware) 1.7 MB
Bar Code 93 Font Set : A set which allows you to print your own bar code 93 from Windows

35- Journey 1.2.1 (Time-limited Trial) 2.6 MB
Journey : This handy and easy to use software solution can help you pack your suitcases by creating and printing out customized item checklists

36- Prime Number Generator 3.0.0 (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Prime Number Generator : Quickly locate prime numbers by following one of the two given methods and copy results using this straightforward software application

37- Professional Bartender 2010 (Shareware) 1.1 MB
Professional Bartender : Easily mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

38- Funny face 2 (Freeware) 10 KB
Funny face : Funny face : Make funny face

39- Investment Account Manager 3.1.5 (Time-limited Trial) 88.5 MB
Investment Account Manager : Centralized portfolio management for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, options or cash, for financial businesses

40- Fretboard Warrior 1.0 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Fretboard Warrior : An interactive and entertaining educational tool developed in order to help guitar students learn how the notes are placed on the fretboard

41- Inventory Management System (Freeware) 18 KB
Inventory Management System : A simple solution for your business

42- ThumbsPlus Digicam Raw Plug-in (Freeware) 15.9 MB
ThumbsPlus Digicam Raw Plug-in : Easily integrate additional image formats in ThumbsPlus with this plug-in that offers support to numerous digital camera manufacturers libraries

43- Restaurant Operations & Financial Workbook 1.2 (Shareware) 796 KB
Restaurant Operations & Financial Workbook : Restaurant Operations & Financial Workbook is a useful set of restaurant financial spreadsheets

44- HotelASP 4.0.21 (Time-limited Trial) 55.6 MB
HotelASP : Hotel Management Software : Manage bookings, a client internal database, marketing and SEO strategies, statistics, reports and other aspects about hotel management

45- CyberLeader 4.1 (Shareware) 3.6 MB
CyberLeader : CyberLeader Internet Cafe Software is an excellent management, monitoring and billing application for Internet cafes, hotels etc

46- TATEMS 20/20 (Time-limited Trial) 81.2 MB
TATEMS 20/20 : An advanced and efficient application designed to help you manage and keep track of the important maintenance dates of your fleet of vehicles

47- Fun Talk 1.1.0 (Freeware) 1.5 MB
Fun Talk : An application that lets you translate English text to 7 funny languages

48- Aggregate Escrow Adjustment 1.0 (Freeware) 660 KB
Aggregate Escrow Adjustment : Aggregate Escrow Adjustment calculates the Aggregate Escrow Adjustment also known as line 1008 on the HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA

49- AccuChef 6.7 (Time-limited Trial) 8.3 MB
AccuChef : Collect, exchange and organize your recipes with this useful recipe utility that offers a nutritional analyzer and customizable printouts

50- Garage Sale Manager 1.3.6 (Time-limited Trial) 1.7 MB
Garage Sale Manager : Point of sale program that can be controlled via your keyboard, while featuring color tags and hotkeys for each seller, total number of items, and fixed or continuous discounts