Web And Internet apps, list 20

Web And Internet apps, list 20 Web And Internet apps, list 20
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- IDEAL Remote 2018 14.20 (Time-limited Trial) 48.9 MB
IDEAL Remote : A comprehensive and very easy to use application that allows you to take control of workstations and servers in a few simple steps

2- Weather Ap+ (formerly Alert+ Weather) (Freeware) 6 MB
Weather Ap+ (formerly Alert+ Weather) : A simple-to-handle piece of software that displays detailed weather conditions, alerts, forecasts, and images on weather maps, while offering support sound notifications and automatic updates

3- Remote Assistant 3.04 (Time-limited Trial) 760 KB
Remote Assistant : You can provide customers with remote technical assistance over the Internet, by connecting to their stations, based on help requests

4- Blocked Or Not 1.20.0000 (OpenSource under LGPL) 668 KB
Blocked Or Not : When a Facebook user seems to be inactive, you can easily discover whether they blocked you or their account is not active anymore

5- MoreThanNetflix (formerly NF Dream) 1.3 (Freeware) 32.1 MB
MoreThanNetflix (formerly NF Dream) : Sit back and relax while watching your favorite TV shows provided by Netflix on your computer with the help of this streamlined video player

6- Romanysoft Speed19X 6.7.3 (Shareware) 50.7 MB
Romanysoft Speed19X : Check the speed and response time of your Internet connection with a couple of mouse clicks, and keep detailed records of past results, with this intuitive application

7- SRWare Iron 71.0.3700.0 (BSD License) 65.5 MB
SRWare Iron : A user-friendly Internet browser that combines the ease of use of Chrome's interface with enhanced privacy and security functions

8- Facebook Connector (Demo) 599 KB
Facebook Connector : Keep in touch with your Facebook buddies and stay up to date with wall posts while you browse the web with the help of this lightweight utility

9- Intel Remote Keyboard Host App 1.4.0 (Freeware) 17.5 MB
Intel Remote Keyboard Host App : Seamless manage your Intel NUC or Intel Compute Stick from your mobile device over WiFi using this straightforward and intuitive tool

10- Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition 2011 Release 3 SP 1 (Time-limited Trial) 35.7 MB
Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition : An entry-level XML editor for light-weight XML tasks

11- Knight Online Toolbar 12.11.06 (Freeware) 997 KB
Knight Online Toolbar : Knight Online Toolbar Access lets you access Knight Online information quickly and easily

12- Web Archive Player 1.4.7 (GNU Public License) 14.3 MB
Web Archive Player : Replay and browse locally stored WARC and ARC web archives with the help of this straightforward and efficient piece of software

13- Glace Space (Demo) 5.5 MB
Glace Space : Share your computer folders with your friends online

14- All File URLs Extractor 2.7 (Demo) 691 KB
All File URLs Extractor : Extracts URLs from various types of files, providing compatibility with Office documents, PDFs, CSV, RTF, XML, EML, DBX, MSF, or TXT

15- Jucy 0.87 (BSD License) 37.1 MB
Jucy : A client for the direct connect network

16- YouTube Video Commenter (Demo) 49.5 MB
YouTube Video Commenter : Post multiple comments on targeted YouTube videos, without being flagged as spam, with the help of this simple to use application

17- Tweet My Website 1.0 (Demo) 6 MB
Tweet My Website : This simple and user-friendly program enables you to post your website images on Twitter on a schedule, for your followers to view

18- CompanionLink FA (Time-limited Trial) 26.4 MB
CompanionLink FA : Transfer your contacts, calendar events, tasks or appointments between your Outlook account and other devices with this utility that offers multiple profile management

19- Phoner 3.21 (Freeware) 4.8 MB
Phoner : Enables you to make phone calls by establishing a connection over your normal phone line, featuring SMS, voice, phonebook and other settins

20- Visitor Maker 1.3 (Demo) 22.8 MB
Visitor Maker : Generate unique visits for your website, with this nifty application that accesses a selected web page through various proxies and performs certain actions automatically

21- Comodo IceDragon (Demo) 78.4 MB
Comodo IceDragon : A Mozilla-based browser with Facebook integration, providing secure Internet navigation within a user-friendly and accessible interface

22- IIS Redirect 1.1 (Time-limited Trial) 4.3 MB
IIS Redirect : Make sure the user experience is not spoiled by error 404 using this application can can redirect affected URLs to your homepage

23- Weather Widget (Apache License 2.0) 5.2 MB
Weather Widget : Keep track of the current weather and view forecasts for various locations via desktop widgets, with this open-source application

24- K-Browser 4.8.3a (Freeware) 2.2 MB
K-Browser : Explore the WWW with this browser whenever you feel like trying on something new, something that brings a fresh look and feel to its category

25- Passerine 1.0.1 (MIT License) 35.8 MB
Passerine : Discover new mobile content by turning to this comprehensive application that aims to provide you a desktop version of Product Hunt

26- Greek Radio Player 1.1.1 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Greek Radio Player : The New Greek Radio Player with almost 300 Radio Stations

27- Lima 1.0.0 (Commercial) 61.2 MB
Lima : Store data and synchronize it between multiple devices by relying on this powerful application that provides you with a user-friendly interface

28- NoAds 2006.07.28 (Freeware) 273 KB
NoAds : Stops Internet popup ads from getting in the way of your web surfing via manual window and popup selection, while allowing users to export their blocked ad list for a later use

29- SelfRestraint 0.2 (GNU Public License) 11.5 MB
SelfRestraint : An easy-to-configure and portable program worth having when you need to you block the desired webpages for a certain time on the breeze

30- Sushi Browser 0.22.0 / 0.23 Alpha 1 (GPLv3) 114 MB
Sushi Browser : Browse the Internet in a more convenient manner with the help of this interesting browser that's all about maximizing the available space on your screen

31- WASEL Pro 1.18 (Shareware) 7.4 MB
WASEL Pro : Connect to WASELPro's VPN servers anonymously and hide your IP address in order to keep your privacy untouched while browsing the Internet

32- Portable SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker 1.2 (Freeware) 575 KB
Portable SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker : Block advertisements on YouTube or unblock them in a quick and convenient manner at the simple press of a button by using this application

33- BitTorrent EZ Booster (Demo) 3.1 MB
BitTorrent EZ Booster : Minimalistic tool which enables you to improve your download speed, and displays related statistics and a graph in the main window

34- Rufus - BitTorrent Client 0.7.0 (GNU Public License) 4.2 MB
Rufus : BitTorrent Client : Rufus is a Bittorrent client based on G3 Torrent

35- Weberks 4.0 (Freeware) 1.6 MB
Weberks : Browse the web in style, with a customizable web browser fitted with various different socializing elements, mail component and incognito browsing

36- Your Web TV Program 3.5 (Time-limited Trial) 3.4 MB
Your Web TV Program : An intuitive application that allows users to watch and sort video channels, as well as listen to various radio stations online

37- SPD2 2.03 (Freeware) 40 KB
SPD2 : A fast and reliable application that allows you to download Shoutcast playlists of various genres found on various Internet radio lists

38- QuikIO 3.0.5 (Freeware) 11.1 MB
QuikIO : Lets you stream or download videos, photos or any other files so you can immediately enjoy viewing and listening to your content on your iPad or iPhone device

39- Web Explorer 1.0 (Freeware) 395 KB
Web Explorer : Visit websites at a good speed and add favorite pages to bookmark list, as well as select the encoding method, store images and set the printing options

40- Net.Ex Pro Ultra Edition (formely Net.Ex Pro Basic Edition) 1.2 Build 1.2.300 (Freeware) 2 MB
Net.Ex Pro Ultra Edition (formely Net.Ex Pro Basic Edition) : With this comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution you can safely browse Internet pages by blocking unwanted ads, popups or URLs

41- TorrentFlux 1.3 (GNU Public License) 1.5 MB
TorrentFlux : A feature rich Torrent client that allows users to manage Torrent downloads through a Web interface from anywhere

42- O&O FileDirect 1.0.275 (Freeware) 767 KB
O&O FileDirect : Instead of uploading them to a cloud service, share files and folders right from your computer with this small and easy-to-use application

43- Aranea Spywizard 2.0 (Freeware) 3.7 MB
Aranea Spywizard : A lightweight and intuitive application that scans and cleans your system from spyware, adware and backdoor Trojans quickly and with minimum effort

44- Microsoft Download Manager 1.2.1 Build 2044 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
Microsoft Download Manager : Enhance the way you download needed files from the Internet with the help of this incredibly easy to use and practical application

45- YRC Weblink (Freeware) 16.6 MB
YRC Weblink : An application that packs a couple of interesting features which are intended to offer you a faster, more intuitive and safe way to browse the Internet

46- MS Windows Defender XP 1.153.1833.0 (Freeware) 4.9 MB
MS Windows Defender XP : Dedicated to Windows Server 2003 and XP users, this application helps you protect your system in real-time, as well as scan for spyware and remove it

47- Toolbarcop 3.4 (Freeware) 60 KB
Toolbarcop : A simple and easy-to-use piece of software that scans your IE browser for possible malicious threats and helps you eliminate malware toolbars

48- JD Web Surfer (Freeware) 8.9 MB
JD Web Surfer : Surf the information superhighway in a comfortable and intuitive environment to enjoy entertainment, read news, and more with this practical browser

49- Opera Neon 1.0.2531.0 (Freeware) 37.5 MB
Opera Neon : Surf the internet with the help of this stylish and smooth-running Opera concept browser that focuses more on simplicity and user accessibility than anything else

50- GT Web Browser 3.0.0 Beta 4 (Freeware) 19 MB
GT Web Browser : Web browser that uses Gecko engine and comes with support for multi-tabbed environment, popup blocker, private browsing mode, and bookmarks