Web And Internet apps, list 42

Web And Internet apps, list 42 Web And Internet apps, list 42
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- DNMW Youtube Downloader (Demo) 721 KB
DNMW Youtube Downloader : Grab YouTube videos and download them into a preferred video format, or just extract their audio stream and save it to MP3 using this fast tool

2- Wexond 0.3.0 / 2.0.0 Beta 2 (Apache License 2.0) 40.3 MB
Wexond : Surf the Internet while keeping your tabs and sessions neatly organized with the help of this Chromium-based browser built with web technologies

3- LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor 4.0.2080 (Demo) 38 MB
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor : Retrieve valuable information such as contact details from LinkedIn about potential recruiters and prepare a better targeted marketing campaign

4- BlockParty 2.0 (Apache License 2.0) 1.3 MB
BlockParty : A handy music grabber

5- Hamid Weather Tracker (Freeware) 38.8 MB
Hamid Weather Tracker : This is a weather tracking software for Blantyre, Malawi

6- MusicWire 2.4 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
MusicWire : Search the Internet for preferred music and download it to the location of your choosing with the help of this intuitive and reliable piece of software

7- TightProjectorPro 1.2.2 (Demo) 1 MB
TightProjectorPro : Broadcast the screen of a target computer over the Local Area Network it is connected to by turning to this handy software solution

8- TabSpot (Freeware) 568 KB
TabSpot : Access social networks with the help of this tool

9- IT64 Internet Browser (Freeware) 26 KB
IT64 Internet Browser : Browse multiple websites at the same time, store favorite images, set the printing options and easily run this portable app on any PC

10- SOA Cleaner Express (Freeware) 239 KB
SOA Cleaner Express : An intuitive and usable Rest/web and WCF testing client

11- FB Leads Extractor 2.22 (Demo) 3.8 MB
FB Leads Extractor : A simple application that allows users to easily extract various contact details from Facebook, in order to discover new business opportunities

12- Fenix browser 0.1 Beta (Freeware) 8 MB
Fenix browser : Get in touch with your friends with a single click and navigate on the Internet using more tabs with this simple software utility

13- VK image uploader 1.3 (GNU Public License) 558 KB
VK image uploader : A simple utility that allows users to grab images of the desktop or select on from a local folder and upload them to VKontakte social network

14- jUploadr 1.1.3 / 1.2 Alpha 2 (GNU Public License) 4.8 MB
jUploadr : Upload image to Flickr with the help of this tool.

15- XML Link dumper 1.2 Beta (Freeware) 893 KB
XML Link dumper : A lightweight piece of software that you can use to effortlessly map out a website by exacting the links found in its sitemap.xml file

16- Winlibre 0.3.1 (Freeware) 620 KB
Winlibre : The application will ease your job installing your software with one click.

17- Free Torrent Client (Freeware) 1.6 MB
Free Torrent Client : With this simple and user-friendly application, you can grab data via torrent files in a fraction of the time that a regular download

18- Info Viewer 1.6.3 (GNU Public License) 83 KB
Info Viewer : View and edit HTML documentation with ease

19- HJTHotkey 3.0.5 (Freeware) 544 KB
HJTHotkey : HJTHotkey : Speed up researching words found in your Hijack This! log files

20- HP MediaSmart SlingPlayer Software 3.0 A (Freeware) 40.1 MB
HP MediaSmart SlingPlayer Software : A useful cable TV management software for your HP notebook

21- FileScout 3.0.0 (Time-limited Trial) 3.3 MB
FileScout : An intuitive and simple-to-use application that lists all the items that can be downloaded from webpages, and lets you save them to the computer

22- FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition 5.0.3 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition : FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition : searches multiple search engines and web sites simultaneously

23- D-Link DCS-3420 Camera Installation Wizard 1.90 (Freeware) 5.5 MB
D-Link DCS-3420 Camera Installation Wizard : The software for installing the DCS-3420 camera from D-Link

24- eWebSpace 1.3 (Time-limited Trial) 24.9 MB
eWebSpace : Display multiple webpages at the same time and in separate frames with this intuitive application that allows you to save to disk all the affiliated images

25- Youtube Export (Freeware) 27 KB
Youtube Export : A simple, yet handy application that you can use to quickly grab a list of videos included in a YouTube playlist and save it to a text or a HTML document

26- ChGrabber 1.01A (Freeware) 2.7 MB
ChGrabber : Grab one domain or a list of URLs with a single click.

27- ESFSoft Soundcloud Downloader 1.0 (Freeware) 5.4 MB
ESFSoft Soundcloud Downloader : Keep your music library up to date with the latest songs from Soundcloud with this straightforward application that downloads music in a jiffy

28- MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser - Professional Edition 2017 (Time-limited Trial) 4.1 MB
MM3-WebAssistant : Proxy Offline Browser : Professional Edition : Archive all web pages that you are visiting so that you can access them in offline mode as well by accessing them via this tool and creating copies

29- G-Lock Backlink Diver 1.2.4 Build 100 (Time-limited Trial) 9.7 MB
G-Lock Backlink Diver : A useful and reliable backlink checker tool

30- Megatools 1.9.98 (GNU Public License) 3.4 MB
Megatools : Access your account at mega.nz and download or upload files with this command-line based application that offers several predefined tools

31- FindURL 1.1 (Freeware) 14.6 MB
FindURL : Simple website sniffer that runs scans in a built-in browser and finds all downloadable resources when it comes to audio, video, image, text and Flash content

32- JBrowser 1.00 (Freeware) 68 KB
JBrowser : Lightweight application that enables you to easily access any website that interests you, and comes bundled with a simple interface

33- Notes to Google Sync 1.4.6 (MS-PL) 3.2 MB
Notes to Google Sync : Synchronize Lotus Calendar information with Google Calendar, schedule tasks and set up reminders using this clear-cut application

34- AutoWikiBrowser (GNU Public License) 1007 KB
AutoWikiBrowser : Semi-automated Wikipedia editing tool that helps you browse throughout a list of articles, make changes, manually edit data, as well as scan Wikipedia database dumps

35- No Problemo Website Downloader 1.9 (Shareware) 379 KB
No Problemo Website Downloader : This application helps you copy entire websites onto your hard drive so you can browse them offline.

36- Joecorp FileShare (Freeware) 474 KB
Joecorp FileShare : Share files with this tool

37- iNet Radio 1.02 (Demo) 2.7 MB
iNet Radio : Listen to various online radio stations, save your favorite radio channels, perform searches, mute or adjust the volume, as well as set up new stations

38- AstroGif 0.3.2 (MIT License) 40.4 MB
AstroGif : Search for relevant GIFs on Giphy directly from your desktop, and then copy their URLs to the clipboard with a single key press, using this nifty application

39- DTCP 0.6.1 (GNU Public License) 54.9 MB
DTCP : Read, write or repost tweets directly from your computer desktop with the help of this straightforward and unassuming Twitter client

40- Random Website Viewer Software 7.0 (Demo) 3.5 MB
Random Website Viewer Software : Open a specified number of random websites from a user-defined list, with the help of this lightweight and easy-to-use application

41- Ivideon Server 3.7.1 Build 2913 (Demo) 45.3 MB
Ivideon Server : A handy software solution that is especially tailored for the users who need to monitor various types of cameras over the Internet

42- ThinkVantage Communications Utility 2.09 (Freeware) 2.5 MB
ThinkVantage Communications Utility : Straightforward utility that provides users with a simple means of adjusting multimedia settings on their system, as well as take snapshots with their webcam

43- Outdoor Temperature Alarm Software 7.0 (Shareware) 4 MB
Outdoor Temperature Alarm Software : Set alarms that go off whenever the temperature rises or drops to a user-defined threshold by relying on this lightweight application

44- SBHttpStat 1.3 (Freeware) 781 KB
SBHttpStat : Statistics based on transferring a file from an HTTP server to your PC.

45- DynamicDNS (Freeware) 2 MB
DynamicDNS : Use this dynamic DNS tool in order to create a sub-domain on one of the supported parent sites, then connect to the specified IP address

46- SimpleFileServer 2.0 (Freeware) 15 KB
SimpleFileServer : Share files locally using this simple command-line tool that requires PCs to remotely connect with an IP address and port number

47- Tweet Tray 1.1.5 (MIT License) 34.5 MB
Tweet Tray : Compose and send tweets from the system tray, thus saving yourself the trouble of having to use a browser, with this intuitive, unobtrusive application

48- .NET Mass Downloader Beta (Apache License 2.0) 90 KB
.NET Mass Downloader : Allows you do download .Net Framework source code all at once

49- Virtual Webcam 8.0 (Shareware) 6.8 MB
Virtual Webcam : Simulate a real camera in your system without having to connect the webcam to your computer using this simple and straightforward tool

50- Megacubo 15.1.2 (Freeware) 2.3 MB
Megacubo : Enjoy all of your favorite online TV and radio stations with options to add and manage bookmarks, or include custom URLs for a greater variety