Web And Internet apps, list 45

Web And Internet apps, list 45 Web And Internet apps, list 45
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- SDownload 2.0.34 (Freeware) 2.6 MB
SDownload : Music downloader for SoundCloud users that also installs an addon for Chrome and Firefox, enabling you to quickly save your favorite songs locally

2- Trellian FTP (Time-limited Trial) 1.6 MB
Trellian FTP : Trellian FTP is a file transfer client that allows you to transfer files between your PC and any FTP server on the Internet

3- Animated Weather (Freeware) 4.3 MB
Animated Weather : A weather forecast application that helps you stay up-to-date with the weather conditions for the next six days, while offering support for realistic video effects

4- Pop-It Dead 2.0 (Freeware) 126 KB
Pop-It Dead : A handy too lfor blocking unwanted pop-up screens

5- Free Facebook Video Downloader 1.0 (Freeware) 3.2 MB
Free Facebook Video Downloader : A simple and easy to use downloading application that can assist you in grabbing videos from Facebook, with as little effort from you as possible

6- Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader 1.4.0 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader : Download cover art for your MP3 songs without searching the web, or get it from the computer, and edit metadata to organize your music collection

7- Visual Web Spider 7.3 (Time-limited Trial) 1 MB
Visual Web Spider : Automatically index or collect specific webpages using a web-driven GUI, set up crawling rules, as well as export data to Microsoft Access or MySQL database, or save the information to ASCII, CSV or HTML file format

8- VMC Remote 1.0.3123 Beta (Freeware) 137 KB
VMC Remote : Allows you to control a Media Center PC using any device

9- xVideoServiceThief (xVST) 2.5.2 (Freeware) 10.5 MB
xVideoServiceThief (xVST) : Download your favorite video clips from a lot of video websites. It has a video conversion feature that automatically converts downloaded clips to a user-defined format

10- Speed Test Loggger 1.02 (GNU Public License) 1.2 MB
Speed Test Loggger : A user-friendly application created to monitor and log your Internet speed, IP address changes and service interruptions automatically

11- MassFaces (Freeware) 1.1 MB
MassFaces : A user-friendly software solution that can help you download videos from your own Facebook timeline or from your friends' timeline

12- NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader (Freeware) 5.8 MB
NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader : Straightforward application which enables you to download videos from the Internet and convert them to other formats with just a few clicks

13- Backlink Reporter 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 260 KB
Backlink Reporter : Backlink Reporter is the most informative back link popularity report software out there

14- Kastor - All Video Downloader 6.0.0 (Demo) 11.3 MB
Kastor : All Video Downloader : Search for videos on various dedicated websites and download them to your computer or retrieve them directly from a valid address

15- GotCLIP Downloader 1.00 (Demo) 1 KB
GotCLIP Downloader : A simple-to-use program that comes packed with limited features for helping you grab videos from some popular online video-sharing websites, such as Dailymotion or MySpace

16- Fonawy Standard 3.0.0 (Freeware) 22.8 MB
Fonawy Standard : Call recorder, Answering machine, Caller ID, Dialer, and Phone book software

17- Kaseya 65.0.0 (Time-limited Trial) 375 MB
Kaseya : A unified set of tools that proactively monitor, manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from one integrated Web-based platform

18- Kill2me 1.11 (Freeware) 13 KB
Kill2me : Kill2me is a free removal tool specifically for the Look2Me parasite, which immediately removes the agent on sight, without user assistance

19- Switcher 2.10 (Freeware) 462 KB
Switcher : DXsoft Switcher is a simple software to handle devices connected to an LPT-port

20- Google Search File Finder 1.0 (Freeware) 2 MB
Google Search File Finder : This is an easy to use application to find all kinds of downloadable files with the help of Google

21- Telemarketing Blocker 4.0.0 (Freeware) 462 KB
Telemarketing Blocker : Stop telemarketing calls using a voice modem installed in your PC

22- FreshVideo Downloader 1.90 (Demo) 2.3 MB
FreshVideo Downloader : Download videos from YouTube, specify the default saving directory, select the YouTube quality (normal or best when available), and set up proxy parameters

23- Free Youtube to Video Converter 1.0.0 (Freeware) 10 MB
Free Youtube to Video Converter : Download online video files from YouTube and to convert them to various other formats with the help of this lightweight and intuitive tool

24- flickr downloadr Beta (MIT License) 7.4 MB
flickr downloadr : Open-source application that provides you with a simple way to view your Flickr albums and photos and download them to your computer

25- Partial Download 1.2.0 (Freeware) 320 KB
Partial Download : A small, yet efficient command line application that serves to downloads only the first few bytes of a given URL address, as specified by the user

26- Miles Browser 1.0 (Freeware) 3.3 MB
Miles Browser : A simple to use application that enables you to navigate the Internet and switch back and forth between most recently visited pages

27- SearchIt! 1.11.1 (Freeware) 24 KB
SearchIt! : A full-text search on HTML (or any text) files of downloaded sites

28- GetWeather 1.0 (Freeware) 20 KB
GetWeather : Get the weather for any zip code in the United States simply by entering it

29- URLStringGrabber 1.11 (Freeware) 40 KB
URLStringGrabber : Grab URL strings of websites from Internet Explorer and save them as TXT, XML, CSV and several other formats with this compact application

30- Awasu Advanced Edition 3.2 (Demo) 18.8 MB
Awasu Advanced Edition : Seamlessly organize your favorite news blogs and sites so that you can receive updates on your favorite topics using this software solution

31- DNS Redirector (Demo) 113 KB
DNS Redirector : Multi-function DNS server for Windows servers

32- QuantumFTP 1.66 (Freeware) 892 KB
QuantumFTP : Free and straightforward FTP client with SSL/SFTP support, a pending queue (resume interrupted transfers), server manager, and anonymous login

33- Usnip Professional 2.7.2 (Freeware) 76.2 MB
Usnip Professional : Download clips from popular video sharing websites or just rip the audio from online videos, with the help of this easy-to-use application

34- Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee 4.0.7577.0 (Freeware) 18.9 MB
Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee : An integrated call management application that allows you to easily and quickly connect to a Lync conference without too much hassle

35- PicsPowerStudio Multimedia Photo Album 1.0.0 (Shareware) 35.1 MB
PicsPowerStudio Multimedia Photo Album : PicsPowerStudio is a digital album specially designed to catalogue and visualize erotic images and videos

36- go Videos 1.0 (Freeware) 249 KB
go Videos : Bring the popular YouTube experience to your desktop and watch all your favorite clips without the need to rely on a web browser

37- Zilla Uploader Build 18 (Freeware) 2.4 MB
Zilla Uploader : Back up all your photos and videos to Flickr in a few simple steps, with this easy-to-use application that can monitor your folders and upload new items automatically

38- Free Video Downloader 7.0 (Demo) 2.9 MB
Free Video Downloader : Lightweight application which enables you to download videos in different formats from YouTube, as well as convert them to an MP3 format

39- Offline Navigator 1.01 (Freeware) 653 KB
Offline Navigator : Download up to 100 files simultaneously and preview with the built-in browser.

40- Videzilla Free Edition 1.19 (Freeware) 1.9 MB
Videzilla Free Edition : You can download online videos to your computer, as well as automatically convert the files to one of the supported quality presets

41- Xcelerator (Demo) 5.8 MB
Xcelerator : Increase the speed of your downloads by turning to this lightweight patch that can be quickly and easily installed on the target computer

42- WifiRadio 2.0.1 (Freeware) 6.6 MB
WifiRadio : WifiRadio is the only media player that enables users to download millions of TV shows, movies, music videos, concerts etc.

43- Download Leecher 0.1 (Freeware) 181 KB
Download Leecher : A simple download manager that also provides Twofish encryption for the links that have to be shared and posted on public places

44- Jordy Downloader (Freeware) 18.3 MB
Jordy Downloader : Universal download manager, with support for torrents, a Clipboard live-monitoring tool and configurable options for all types of users

45- Figerty Tube (LGPL) 1.4 MB
Figerty Tube : A handy application that can prove useful to all users who want to download videos from the Internet at different qualities and in various formats

46- Firefox Download Tool (Freeware) 331 KB
Firefox Download Tool : Download various versions of Mozilla Firefox to your computer by turning to this tool that comes with a simplistic user interface

47- eComm PRO (Time-limited Trial) 3.3 MB
eComm PRO : eComm PRO is a complete eCommerce solution created for you to put your business online.

48- Vkontakte Downloader 1.0 (Demo) 300 KB
Vkontakte Downloader : Simply copy and paste the Vk video link and download your favorite video files to your computer using this useful and handy program

49- J-Tube 1.0.0 (Freeware) 944 KB
J-Tube : A lightweight tool that can help you generate download links for your favorite online videos and use your default browser or download manager to save them locally

50- Satan-AnyWhere 1.4.1 (GNU Public License) 3.9 MB
Satan-AnyWhere : Command-line utility which enables you to connect to another machine remotely, lets others connect to your PC, by simply inputting the IP address and port