Web And Internet apps, list 62

Web And Internet apps, list 62 Web And Internet apps, list 62
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- YouTube Thumbnail Downloader (OpenSource under LGPL) 227 KB
YouTube Thumbnail Downloader : Download thumbnails from YouTube videos in the highest available resolution with a couple of mouse clicks, using this open-source utility

2- Rapid YouTube Downloader 1.1 (Freeware) 6.5 MB
Rapid YouTube Downloader : With this lightweight and straightforward Java-based application, you can grab all the videos you like from YouTube to your computer

3- MyVideoGo (Freeware) 3.8 MB
MyVideoGo : A reliable application that enables you to download video content from YouTube, in a short time, then save them to your computer

4- VidDownloader 1.0.0 (Demo) 52.8 MB
VidDownloader : Effortlessly download videos from the web with the help of this simplistic app targeting mainly novices who prefer to invest little effort in the process

5- Trellian SiteSpider 1.00.004 (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Trellian SiteSpider : Trellian SiteSpider is a powerful web crawling program

6- TWiT Live Desktop 2.2 (MIT License) 1 MB
TWiT Live Desktop : Watch Leo Laporte's TWiT network shows with this tool.

7- Google Photos Backup (Demo) 2.6 MB
Google Photos Backup : Easily backup photos from your computer by storing them in Google Photos with this lightweight application that requires no configuration

8- MultiLoader (Freeware) 149 KB
MultiLoader : Download multiple files in one operation, with this simple, lightweight application that can be run without being installed beforehand

9- CIGNEO (Freeware) 1.5 MB
CIGNEO : A lightweight web browser that enables you to surf the Internet from within a simple and intuitive interface, without any additional distractions

10- Download Surgeon (Time-limited Trial) 77 MB
Download Surgeon : Download videos or audio tracks from YouTube and many other websites, with the help of this versatile and user-friendly application

11- Url unshortener 0.4 (Freeware) 39 KB
Url unshortener : Unmask shortened URLs from AdFly, TinyURL, Goo.gl, Bitly and Make.my to find out the original website names and spot malware or NSFW content

12- fl.explor'r 0.2 (Freeware) 825 KB
fl.explor'r : A small utility that shows flickr photos on your desktop

13- Vocal Trance Player (Freeware) 1 MB
Vocal Trance Player : Flash-based Trance music player

14- Longator 2005 build (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Longator 2005 : Longator 2005 is a browser which is based on the kernel of Internet Explorer

15- FreeWebLinkSubmitter 1.3.2 (Freeware) 498 KB
FreeWebLinkSubmitter : An intuitive software program that is worth having when you need to submit URLs to search engines using the POST request method in a batch mode

16- GeekBuddy 4.32.402568 (Shareware) 29.5 MB
GeekBuddy : Scan your PC for junk files, unnecessary add-ons and other issues, generate diagnostic reports and chat with live technicians using this app

17- Mass Image Downloader 1.0 (Freeware) 39.3 MB
Mass Image Downloader : A useful and reliable software solution that can help you effortlessly download entire image galleries with only a few mouse clicks

18- CCTV Photo Capture Utility (Freeware) 400 KB
CCTV Photo Capture Utility : Capture images from your webcam and set the frames per second, size of the photo, compressor, driver, and output filename of the capture photo

19- XeSearch 1.03 (Demo) 1.1 MB
XeSearch : A simple tool for finding pictures from your desktop

20- PyroBatchFTP 3.21 (Time-limited Trial) 2 MB
PyroBatchFTP : An efficient and easy to use software solution that can assist you in transferring files to and from FTP servers in an automatic and unattended manner

21- Downline 1.3.0 (MIT License) 53.7 MB
Downline : Effortlessly download online videos from various sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, with this lightweight, capable downloader application

22- 4Videosoft Video Downloader 6.1.28 (Time-limited Trial) 41.4 MB
4Videosoft Video Downloader : Download files from multimedia streaming sites and convert them to formats compatible with various mobile multimedia devices with the help of this application

23- ATA Channel 1.0 Beta (Freeware) 553 KB
ATA Channel : Offers on-demand shows in Ayurveda Stream.

24- ColdStop Popup Killer 3.6 (Shareware) 2.6 MB
ColdStop Popup Killer : Eliminates Pop Up Ads

25- Internet Explorer Browser Activity Monitor (Freeware) 182 KB
Internet Explorer Browser Activity Monitor : Easily monitor Internet Explorer activity.

26- OmegaBrowser Build 5 Pre-Alpha (Freeware) 43 KB
OmegaBrowser : Surf the Internet with ease by using this lightweight and minimalist browser utility that offers customizable homepage and navigation buttons

27- Your own Webradio (Freeware) 39 KB
Your own Webradio : Quickly create and broadcast your own internet radio.

28- Bigasoft Video Downloader (Time-limited Trial) 32.4 MB
Bigasoft Video Downloader : Download multiple online videos and merge or convert your favorite media files using this simple and user-friendly software utility

29- The Replicator 11.6 Build 9586 (Freeware) 2.9 MB
The Replicator : A tool that lets you distribute large numbers of files to many people.

30- TubeOrganizer Build 03 (Demo) 26 MB
TubeOrganizer : Download videos from YouTube at various resolutions and save them to your computer to create an offline collection of the clips you like most

31- Aeterean-a 0.1 (GNU Public License) 4.9 MB
Aeterean-a : Download the images you want from the web

32- CopyCopy (Freeware) 623 KB
CopyCopy : Share the content of your computer's clipboard (text snippets, documents, media files and folders) between a multitude of devices with the help of this intuitive utility

33- Keyword Tag Generator Software (Time-limited Trial) 1.2 MB
Keyword Tag Generator Software : Generate keywords and entire tag pools for your the posts you want to upload on your websites and blogs automatically using this app

34- Twisten 1.0 (Demo) 419 KB
Twisten : Listen to twitter in the

35- TransferBigFiles (Demo) 4.2 MB
TransferBigFiles : A fast and efficient method to send any file to one or more destinations at the same time with the possibility to secure documents with a password

36- KacDC++ 0.3 (GNU Public License) 8.2 MB
KacDC++ : Direct Connect client for anonymous and for Ops

37- SEO Machine PRO 2.0.6 Build 130301 (Time-limited Trial) 35.5 MB
SEO Machine PRO : This application is designed for the SEO specialists who want to ease their daily activities by accessing multiple link checkers from a single interface

38- Xtreme Link Directory 2.0 (Demo) 1.8 MB
Xtreme Link Directory : Discover This Powerful Directory Submitter

39- Free Instagram Download (Freeware) 32.2 MB
Free Instagram Download : Grab your favorite pictures and videos from Instagram by simply copying the corresponding URL, with options to automatically download on paste and more

40- Fop2DD 0.5.1 Beta (MIT License) 916 KB
Fop2DD : Start developing .NET client libraries to enable quick and easy communications to and from FOP2 server worlwide with added accuracy

41- FTP-Go 1.7 (Freeware) 97 KB
FTP-Go : A very lightweight and easy to use FTP client that will make it possible for anyone to access remote servers and upload or download files

42- Free Website Downloader 1.0.0 (Freeware) 982 KB
Free Website Downloader : A simple program that can help you download websites' HTML pages to you PC, so you can browse through them even when you do not have Internet access

43- Chan Thread Watch 1.17.1 (OpenSource under LGPL) 100 KB
Chan Thread Watch : Archive threads from imageboards, save images and videos and check for new content at regular intervals, with this versatile, open-source application

44- Tangle Video Downloader 3.24 (Demo) 3.9 MB
Tangle Video Downloader : Download, save and convert Tangle, YouTube or DailyMotion videos to your computer with the help of this simplistic piece of software

45- 1-abc.net FTP Organizer 2.00 (Time-limited Trial) 255 KB
1-abc.net FTP Organizer : A simple and intuitive application designed to provide you with the ability of quickly transferring files from and to your FTP server in just a few clicks

46- Twit Face (Demo) 101 KB
Twit Face : This application provides a dual interface that allows users to explore Facebook and Twitter feeds at the same time, from a global window

47- 4ChanDownloader 1.1.0 (MIT License) 204 KB
4ChanDownloader : Download content from 4chan boards and threads, watch for changes and grab new files automatically, with this unobtrusive application

48- MythusFlashDown 3.0 (Time-limited Trial) 454 KB
MythusFlashDown : A software utility that enables you to quickly retrieve SWF documents from the Internet, as well as view the ones saved into your temporary Internet folder

49- Z-FTPcopy II 5.2 Build 04 (Time-limited Trial) 12.3 MB
Z-FTPcopy II : Transfer files and folders between a FTP server and your computer with a few mouse clicks, connect through a proxy, and create desktop shortcuts for processes

50- Blog2k 2.4.0 (Demo) 391 KB
Blog2k : Write down blog entries with little effort and in a simple environment, and keep your fans up to date by having new items published in seconds