Programming apps, list 11

Programming apps, list 11 Programming apps, list 11
We have compiled a list of Programming software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- RSyntaxTextArea 2.5.3 (BSD License) 899 KB
RSyntaxTextArea : A syntax highlighting component to help you with your development.

2- Replace Studio Business Edition 9.0 (Demo) 3.4 MB
Replace Studio Business Edition : A reliable and useful tool that easily searches through text-based files and, if you want, perform replacements with another string

3- L. IDE 4 (Freeware) 54 KB
L. IDE : A simple and easy to use IDE for Java and Python

4- Obfuscar Mapping Parser (MIT License) 826 KB
Obfuscar Mapping Parser : An easy to use application that is capable of parsing mapping files and deobfuscating several stacktraces produced by obfuscated applications

5- WhiteStarUML 5.9.1 (GNU Public License) 23.7 MB
WhiteStarUML : A UML and MDA platform that helps you create different types of diagrams (e.g. class, use case, sequence, collaboration) and look for errors using the automatic verification mode

6- PSFilterHost (MS-PL) 1.3 MB
PSFilterHost : Adobe Photoshop filter host for .NET

7- JarSplice 0.40 (Freeware) 136 KB
JarSplice : Merge all your JAR files

8- AIO Runtime Libraries 18.03.24 (Freeware) 36.5 MB
AIO Runtime Libraries : A bundled installer and uninstaller for the Microsoft's Visual C++ Runtime, providing you with all the versions in a single package

9- ArduoCSS 1.0 Beta 3 (GNU Public License) 1.5 MB
ArduoCSS : A CSS editor for you to use.

10- CatchThatException 3.0 (GNU Public License) 18 KB
CatchThatException : A small programming library aimed at providing an easy way to log exceptions and furthermore, to store the logged data into a text file

11- MIDACO-SOLVER 6.0 (Demo) 145 KB
MIDACO-SOLVER : A practical and straightforward math tool that comes in handy for users who need to solve mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problems

12- dotConnect Universal Standard 3.70.1825 (Freeware) 6.7 MB
dotConnect Universal Standard : Provides universal access to database information via SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, DB2, MySQL, InterBase, PostgreSQL, and others

13- HxD (Freeware) 3 MB
HxD : Powerful application for editing hexadecimal code, disks and disk images, which features a checksum generator, file shredder and splitter, among others

14- Wireless Communication Library VCL Developer Edition (Demo) 14.7 MB
Wireless Communication Library VCL Developer Edition : Allows you to develop applications with wireless capabilities.

15- Charles 4.2.7 / 4.3 Beta 4 (Time-limited Trial) 63.8 MB
Charles : Web debugging proxy application that allows users to keep an eye on all of the HTTP or SSL traffic between their computers and the Internet

16- LIBLINEAR 2.21 (BSD License) 528 KB
LIBLINEAR : Turn to this comprehensive and thoroughly documented library aimed at developers interested in working with large-scale classification

17- dotNetRDF 1.0.8 Build (MIT License) 15.4 MB
dotNetRDF : A C# .NET library that targets Resource Description Framework data and provides developers with a large variety of classes for querying information

18- Obfuscator 2.3 (Demo) 940 KB
Obfuscator : Performs obfuscation operations on your assembler source code in order to make it impossible to read by others and difficult to analyze

19- JellyFB Editor (formerly JellyFish Pro Editor) 2.50 (Freeware) 1.5 MB
JellyFB Editor (formerly JellyFish Pro Editor) : A handy tool with which to create programs and applications in the FreeBASIC language.

20- Structural Analysis for Java (Freeware) 20.7 MB
Structural Analysis for Java : A technology that analyzes structural dependencies of Java applications, measures stability, detects structural

21- VintaSoft Twain ActiveX Control (Demo) 1.3 MB
VintaSoft Twain ActiveX Control : Control your scanner or camera from .Net, VB, Delphi, Web and other similar tools more efficiently and smoother using this professional library

22- Nifty GUI 1.3.3 (BSD License) 46.3 MB
Nifty GUI : Open-source Java library for video game developers, which includes Windows and Mac OS X components for creating OpenGL-based GUIs

23- JSystem 6.1.10 (Apache License 2.0) 21.8 MB
JSystem : Construct and run automated system testing projects with this Java-based platform that offers distributed setups and supports Eclipse plug-ins

24- ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.1 (Freeware) 3.4 MB
ConfigMgr Client Health : Fix Windows and Configuration Manager Client issues which cause poor patch compliance by simply deploying and running this script from your SQL server

25- Community Z Tools 1.5.0 (GNU Public License) 5.2 MB
Community Z Tools : Write in Z specification language with this tool.

26- ImageListView 10.5 (Apache License 2.0) 98 KB
ImageListView : A .NET control to help you with your development

27- Abzu 1.0 (GNU Public License) 13 KB
Abzu : Console features offered for your .NET console projects.

28- BMFont (GNU Public License) 5 KB
BMFont : A Java class to help you with your development.

29- Snippets 0.8.2 (Freeware) 20.1 MB
Snippets : Organize code snippets to get optimized results for different projects without having to re-write them, thanks to this straightforward and user-friendly app

30- Kanapes IDE 1.6 (Freeware) 736 KB
Kanapes IDE : Streamline your CouchDB routine with the help of this handy piece of software that allows you to work with multiple servers per project

31- Lutz Roeder's .NET Resourcer (Freeware) 249 KB
Lutz Roeder's .NET Resourcer : Open, view and edit resource binary files using this straightforward app with basic options that only needs .NET Framework to run

32- VapourSynth r45.1 (Freeware) 10 MB
VapourSynth : An easy-to-implement Python component and C++ library that features multithreading and properties editing capabilities, enabling you to create video scripts

33- GoblinCoding's XML Mill 1.0.0 (GNU Public License) 10 KB
GoblinCoding's XML Mill : An intuitive and easy to use XML editor

34- Java String Search 1.0.0 (GNU Public License) 83 KB
Java String Search : Java component to help you with string matching.

35- Command Pad 0.1.1 (MIT License) 36.6 MB
Command Pad : Run your most frequently used commandline tasks with just a single click and within a streamlined user interface by relying on this handy and useful tool

36- StarTrek PowerShell Console 1.2 Beta (Freeware) 1.9 MB
StarTrek PowerShell Console : Star Trek inspired PowerShell Console.

37- Git Extensions 3.0.0 / 3.0.2 Pre-release (GPLv3) 15.4 MB
Git Extensions : Easy-to-use Git repository manager with an intuitive interface, support for plugins, Git-related tools, Windows Explorer integration, and more

38- Indigo DXQ Data XQuery Designer 4.0.5758.20600 (Freeware) 8.2 MB
Indigo DXQ Data XQuery Designer : Execute various XQuery and XPath statements against XML data sources by relying on this lightweight, yet handy application that comes with numerous useful functions

39- Flex 2.5.3 (Freeware) 375 KB
Flex : A tool for generating programs that perform pattern-matching on text.

40- Forms Management-Program 4.0.5709.31874 (Demo) 4.8 MB
Forms Management-Program : A handy and dependable application that allows you to get various source files for building a form administration for Windows-CLR

41- Convertigo Studio 7.5.5 v45010 (GPLv3) 400 MB
Convertigo Studio : Develop mobile applications with improved efficiency by relying on this comprehensive application that provides you with a complex environment

42- WhiteSnake Editor 2.2.3 (LGPL) 1.1 MB
WhiteSnake Editor : Practical script editor for the Squirrel and PAWN programming languages in an intuitive environment fitted with syntax highlighter and compilers

43- JUF (Java Update Framework) 1.0 Beta (LGPL) 253 KB
JUF (Java Update Framework) : A Java framework for automatic software updating

44- TweakStyle 0.9.5 Beta 3 (Shareware) 38.5 MB
TweakStyle : Improve the speed and style of your work as a web developer by a long margin with the help of this modern and very well thought out IDE

45- QAliber 1/3/10 (GNU Public License) 9.9 MB
QAliber : Create your tests with this tool.

46- Ansifilter 2.13 (GNU Public License) 7 MB
Ansifilter : Parse ANSI codes from your text documents to edit or convert them to other colored text file formats such as HTML, LaTeX, TeX or RTF

47- Mu 1.0.2 (GPLv3) 85.5 MB
Mu : Edit code within a distraction-free and non-intimidating environment provided by this minimalist and lightweight IDE that works on all major OSs

48- JMT - Java Modelling Tools 0.9.0 (GNU Public License) 16.6 MB
JMT : Java Modelling Tools : A suite of applications for performance evaluation

49- e2eSoft Slideshow SDK 1.0 (Demo) 9.2 MB
e2eSoft Slideshow SDK : SDK for implementing image slideshow and video transition effects into software applications via the COM interface, featuring many options

50- OWL-S Composer 0.0.2 (GNU Public License) 22.6 MB
OWL-S Composer : Ease your work with Eclipse with this tool.