Programming apps, list 71

Programming apps, list 71 Programming apps, list 71
We have compiled a list of Programming software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- textmapper 0.9.4 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
textmapper : A Java-based tool for language development

2- QTSampledSP 0.9.6 (LGPL) 19 KB
QTSampledSP : A simple and lightweight library that comes in handy for Java programmers who need a simple method for decoding various audio files

3- IPython 7.3.0 (BSD License) 745 KB
IPython : Increase the usability of Python by using this comprehensive environment that provides you with an interactive shell and a two-process communication model

4- jpropel 1.0.7 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
jpropel : A cross-platform development tool.

5- Dao Studio 0.5 Beta 3 (GPLv2) 9.3 MB
Dao Studio : A simple to use utility that enables you to create and edit Dao language scripts, offering you a comprehensive working environment

6- MSBuildShellExtension 1.1.2 (Freeware) 179 KB
MSBuildShellExtension : Build .NET projects without ever opening Visual Studio or the command prompt

7- Prism 4.0 (Freeware) 23.5 MB
Prism : A set of tools for building WPF and Silverlight applications

8- Baya 06 APR 2013 (Freeware) 30.1 MB
Baya : SoC Assembly, IP Integration / hookup dumps Verilog, VHDL, C test

9- Verilog RTL Parser 06 APR 2013 (GNU Public License) 22 MB
Verilog RTL Parser : Java-based verilog parser

10- HDL Sort Utility 16 FEB 2013 (GNU Public License) 21.1 MB
HDL Sort Utility : RTL/HDL sorting utility

11- OpenContacts.NET 1.0 (LGPL) 174 KB
OpenContacts.NET : Import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, GMail and Hotmail into your .NET application

12- Silverlight Elements 2.1 (Demo) 9.3 MB
Silverlight Elements : Create stunning Silverlight solutions faster than ever before!

13- Scripts Encryptor Control (Time-limited Trial) 187 KB
Scripts Encryptor Control : Obfuscation/Descrambling of HTML, JavaScript, C/C++/MFC, Windows Script Encoder.

14- Winforms GEPlugin Control Library (GNU Public License) 353 KB
Winforms GEPlugin Control Library : A library of controls to work with the Gogle Earth Plugin API in managed code

15- GoojaCharts (GNU Public License) 107 KB
GoojaCharts : Create simple Google Charts from SharePoint list data

16- SimpleDB Management Tools (Demo) 1.1 MB
SimpleDB Management Tools : Manage your SimpleDB instances directly from Microsoft Visual Studio, and save time performing various operations, with this small piece of software

17- Versionizer Alpha (GNU Public License) 5 KB
Versionizer : Quickly and easily edit AssemblyInfo files of Microsoft .NET projects

18- Bamboo Tray Beta (Freeware) 367 KB
Bamboo Tray : A straightforward application that continuously monitors Atlassian Bamboo projects and builds in order to identify changes, notifying you as such

19- JTwain 9 (Shareware) 995 KB
JTwain : A java Twain API library for scanners and cameras

20- LiJ 1.3 (LGPL) 903 KB
LiJ : A LCC interpreter to help you with your work

21- Studio for WinRT XAML 2013 v2 (Time-limited Trial) 28.2 MB
Studio for WinRT XAML : A collection of essential controls and visualization components that enable developers to create professional applications for Windows 8 computers

22- Java Statistics Library (Demo) 1.1 MB
SimpleDB Management Tools : Manage your SimpleDB instances directly from Microsoft Visual Studio, and save time performing various operations, with this small piece of software

23- OpenERP Java Report Helper 0.10.0 Beta (LGPL) 51 KB
OpenERP Java Report Helper : A simple Java library that can be used with reporting tools such as Jasper or Pentaho in order to collect data and perform data configuration

24- Mavenize-FX 1.0.0 (Apache License 2.0) 2.8 MB
Mavenize-FX : Use Mavenize with an simple but effective GUI.

25- QtBas Alpha (GNU Public License) 4.8 MB
QtBas : Basic interpreter that you can use

26- Smartphone & Cross-platform Communication Toolkit 3.0.1 (Demo) 169 KB
Smartphone & Cross-platform Communication Toolkit : Provides you with a safe way to share data between a mobile device and your computer by integrating the library in Java applications

27- ISBN Hyphen Appender 2013-08-02 (LGPL) 47 KB
ISBN Hyphen Appender : An easy to implement Java library that developers of book collection software might find useful, since it can automatically append hyphens to ISBN numbers

28- Kylm 0.0.7 (LGPL) 67 KB
Kylm : A language modelling toolkit

29- Deba Eclipse Util Plugin Alpha (Freeware) 189 KB
Deba Eclipse Util Plugin : A simple, yet handy Eclipse plugin that provides a set of commands and shortcuts designed to ease your work and make the development process easier

30- Windows Logo Kit 1.6 (Freeware) 3.9 GB
Windows Logo Kit : Certify devices for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 : Driver Test Manager

31- Syringe 1.0 (MS-PL) 4 KB
Syringe : A lightweight service container and dependency injection library

32- Vicon Framework 1.0 (Freeware) 556 MB
Vicon Framework : Helps product designers create accessible interfaces

33- C# Statistics (Freeware) 8 KB
C# Statistics : C# library for your use

34- Otter Unit Test Framework 00.06 Beta (LGPL) 2.5 MB
Otter Unit Test Framework : Perform unit testing with this lightweight component, either in Visual Studio or directly inside the application you are testing

35- Scikit Learn 0.16.1 (GNU Public License) 2.8 MB
Scikit Learn : An easy to use Python framework designed for implementing machine learning algorithms into your applications and help you with your work

36- SASUnit 1.3 (GNU Public License) 4.5 MB
SASUnit : Test SAS programs and generate documentation with this tool.

37- Libtiledload 0.3 Dev (Freeware) 868 KB
Libtiledload : A Java library that provides XML and TMX file support

38- JBurg 1.20 (Freeware) 318 KB
JBurg : A code emitter generator to help you with your development

39- Mockito 1.9.5 (MIT License) 1.5 MB
Mockito : A Java framework to help you with your development.

40- SvnAdmin 0.9.3 (BSD License) 373 KB
SvnAdmin : Improve your development with this Eclipse plugin.

41- Fix MSCOM OCX (Freeware) 5 KB
Fix MSCOM OCX : Fix the 'Can't load MSCOMCTL.OCX

42- WinForms Library 2009 (Freeware) 123 KB
WinForms Library : It contains editable drag-n-drop enabled TreeView, RichText editor control with toolbar,

43- PerfSuite 1.1.2 (Freeware) 1.8 MB
PerfSuite : Improve your development process with this set of tools

44- Lua Editor 0.2.2 Beta (BSD License) 1022 KB
Lua Editor : Write, save, compile and run code in the Lua programming language using this straightforward and portable tool with syntax highlights

45- JID (LGPL) 985 KB
JID : Deserialization component that can help your development

46- BruTile 0.7.3 Beta (Apache License 2.0) 315 KB
BruTile : Tiling library that you can use

47- claspfolio 1.0.1 (GNU Public License) 18.1 MB
claspfolio : A portfolio solver for answer set programming.

48- Reference Explorer 1.1.0 (Freeware) 113 KB
Reference Explorer : Relations Between Your Visual Basic Components

49- Pacheck 1.0 (Freeware) 12.5 MB
Pacheck : A simple tool for managing Subversion packages

50- Sorting Suite 1.0 (BSD License) 85 KB
Sorting Suite : A Java library that includes thirteen different sorting algorithms aimed at sorting lists and objects, as well as primitive types