System Utilities apps, list 26

System Utilities apps, list 26 System Utilities apps, list 26
We have compiled a list of System Utilities software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Sound Scheme Manager (Freeware) 208 KB
Sound Scheme Manager : Edit existing Windows sound schemes or create and customize new ones when it comes to the audio files associated with each event

2- VSO Application Cleaner (Freeware) 632 KB
VSO Application Cleaner : Lightweight and simple-to-use application which enables people to uninstall all products from VSO Software in one single session

3- Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter (wushowhide) (Freeware) 46 KB
Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter (wushowhide) : Temporarily prevent a device driver or Windows 10 component from automatically updating itself with this practical troubleshooter

4- SystemTimeFreezer Alpha (GNU Public License) 17 KB
SystemTimeFreezer : Freezes system datetime to some value you've selected

5- Toshiba Speech System 1.00.2520 (Freeware) 21.2 MB
Toshiba Speech System : A voice-composition and speech-recognition software

6- i-Cool B7.0904.1 (Freeware) 3 MB
i-Cool : A handy solution for managing CPU usage

7- Change MAC Address (Time-limited Trial) 1.3 MB
Change MAC Address : A simple to use application that enables you to change the MAC address of your computer, so you can hide it from hackers, in WiFi networks or online games

8- EZ Reg Editor 1.0 (Freeware) 194 KB
EZ Reg Editor : Make modifications to the Windows registry, explore and access hives, edit and create new keys, as well as scan the registry using this app

9- ADD_PATH 1.4 (GNU Public License) 28 KB
ADD_PATH : Adds or removes a directory from the enviroment variable PATH.

10- EditPath 2.0 (Freeware) 40 KB
EditPath : Manipulate the current user and system path environment variables in the registry

11- ASUS AI Manager 1.08.03 (Freeware) 16.5 MB
ASUS AI Manager : A simple platform for you to manage files and access information easily and quickly

12- Lenovo Memory Quick Test 1.0.1 (Freeware) 5.2 MB
Lenovo Memory Quick Test : Clear-cut tool which lets you test your computer's RAM, view results in the main window and copy them to the Clipboard with just a few clicks

13- ncstart (Freeware) 95 KB
ncstart : Fix the Windows Start Command in Vista

14- Display Power Saver 2.8.2 (Freeware) 18 KB
Display Power Saver : A simple-to-handle and portable piece of software that allows you to turn off your monitor in order to save some power or start the screensaver

15- System Configurer (Time-limited Trial) 118 KB
System Configurer : Allows you to alter system settings without going through the Control Panel.

16- Tweak Pouch 0.1 (Freeware) 906 KB
Tweak Pouch : Adjust you operating system's performance by running tweaks in the system registries for both visuals, and performance tweaks with this powerful app

17- Change Logon Screen Saver 1.2.0 (Freeware) 10 KB
Change Logon Screen Saver : Change the Screen Saver that is displayed when the Welcome Screen is displayed and no user is currently logged on

18- All Programs 1.0 (Freeware) 335 KB
All Programs : Open a minimal version of the classical Start Menu in Windows 10 and 8 using this app that provides one-click access to programs and computer settings

19- System Reserved Volume Explorer 1.0 (Freeware) 70 KB
System Reserved Volume Explorer : Explore the files on the System Reserved partition just like you would in Windows Explorer thanks to this simple and easy to use application

20- RegSize 1.00 (Freeware) 39 KB
RegSize : Increase maximum registry size

21- ASUS ROG Connect 1.04.14 (Freeware) 6.1 MB
ASUS ROG Connect : System performance optimization

22- Startup Helper (Freeware) 15 KB
Startup Helper : Add new items to Windows startup with the possibility to include program parameters, as well as a custom run delay to prevent slow boot time

23- Autorun Tools Beta (Freeware) 634 KB
Autorun Tools : Disable AutoRun with just a click.

24- Flip Mouse Wheel (Freeware) 219 KB
Flip Mouse Wheel : Use this tiny and clever app to reverse the scrolling direction so that your mouse wheel works just as your finger does on a touchscreen

25- DBsys 1.0 (GNU Public License) 374 KB
DBsys : Allows you to easily disable various Windows service features and options, as well as accessing programs and options that are not readily available or efficiently located

26- Remove Whitespace From Add/Remove Programs List 1.0.2074.19843 (Freeware) 32 KB
Remove Whitespace From Add/Remove Programs List : Removes huge gaps of whitespace in the add/remove programs

27- RadiT 0.4 (Freeware) 3.3 MB
RadiT : Simplistic and portable program that helps you activate Ati Catalyst game profiles by changing the Direct3D/OpenGL driver.dll, and switch between game profiles

28- Right Click Manager (Freeware) 998 KB
Right Click Manager : Disable and re-enable the mouse right-click button seamlessly using this small-sized and portable app that doesn't need system restart

29- PC SpeedCat 1.6.0 (Demo) 2.3 MB
PC SpeedCat : Improve the speed and responsiveness of your computer, manage the applications that should load at Startup and restore registry keys with this app

30- dUninstaller 3.8 (Demo) 1 MB
dUninstaller : An application that enables you to easily remove any programs installed on your computer and view detailed information about them

31- Maftoox Uninstaller (Freeware) 459 KB
Maftoox Uninstaller : A simple uninstall utility

32- Tweak My Logon 4.0.0 (Freeware) 872 KB
Tweak My Logon : Change your Windows 7 logon screen by importing a user-defined photo (JPEG file format) from your computer and preview the picture in the main window

33- SystemSwift (Demo) 3.9 MB
SystemSwift : Boost your computer, game and internet speed the easy way, even make games faster, by using this user-friendly and straightforward program

34- PC Repair Tools 8.3.0 (Time-limited Trial) 6.2 MB
PC Repair Tools : Scans the PC thoroughly in order to find registry and speed issues, thus leading to better overall response times for your system

35- Easy PC Optimizer (Demo) 3.6 MB
Easy PC Optimizer : Fix common OS issues, remove junk files, manage services and startup items, tweak your system and more, with this powerful and easy-to-use application

36- Security Stronghold Registry Cleaner 1.3 (Demo) 1.4 MB
Security Stronghold Registry Cleaner : A registry cleaner that can optimize your system and improve its performance by fixing file extensions, broken application paths and missing shared DLLs

37- File Explorer Ribbon Settings Registry Fixes 1.0 (Freeware) 2 KB
File Explorer Ribbon Settings Registry Fixes : Repair ribbon bar settings in the Windows 10 File Explorer using this small

38- MultiCleaner 1.1 (Freeware) 378 KB
MultiCleaner : A lightweight and efficient tool functioning as a system cleaner that can help you get rid of useless files and temporary data from your PC

39- MagicMove 1.1 (Freeware) 914 KB
MagicMove : Copies or moves files and folders on your computer instantly to a new destination folder using predefined hotkeys via this application

40- Crystalize XP 2.0 Beta (Freeware) 490 KB
Crystalize XP : Make File Explorer and the taskbar transparent with the possibility to adjust opacity level and enable this as soon as you reach the desktop

41- Remove Netmeeting 1.2 (Freeware) 677 KB
Remove Netmeeting : Lightweight and portable software application that quickly removes the NetMeeting tool from your computer and, optionally reinstalls it

42- Alienware Command Center A00 (Freeware) 327 MB
Alienware Command Center : Control every aspect of your Alienware gear by turning to this comprehensive software solution that packs several handy utilities

43- PCMedik (Demo) 3.7 MB
PCMedik : Fix and boost your computer speed the easy way, to ensure you no longer get any system crashes, all by using an intuitive application

44- System Care (Demo) 4.5 MB
System Care : Fix registry issues, remove unwanted and potentially harmful items, manage startup programs and more, with this straightforward utility

45- Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstaller (Freeware) 1.5 MB
Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstaller : Safely remove Adobe Creative Cloud from your computer, then reinstall it once more to fix errors that might occur while updating

46- iolo System Checkup (Shareware) 10.6 MB
iolo System Checkup : Scan your computer for registry issues, system clutter, startup errors, memory levels to know whether or not it needs immediate cleaning

47- SevenScreensaverEditor (Freeware) 625 KB
SevenScreensaverEditor : Easily change the default Windows 7 screensaver settings

48- CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool 1.1 (Freeware) 159 KB
CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool : View all active processes and use one of the two available methods to reduce their CPU usage, with this lightweight and portable utility

49- Asoftis Start Menu 2.5 (Shareware) 15.4 MB
Asoftis Start Menu : Bring back the Windows 7 start menu on your Windows 8 or 10 computer and enjoy the features you used to like when 7 was the best

50- OleClean 1.5 (Freeware) 254 KB
OleClean : Remove OLE garbage items from your Windows registry, exclude entries from the scan process, and select the items that you want to delete using this portable tool