Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 52

Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 52 Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 52
We have compiled a list of Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Tiff/PDF Cleaner 4.1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 32.5 MB
Tiff/PDF Cleaner : Remove blank pages from scanned TIFF images and PDF documents, and customize a wide range of settings using this approachable tool

2- InDesign Imposition Plug-in 7.7.4 (Time-limited Trial) 518 KB
InDesign Imposition Plug-in : Cost-effective imposition for Adobe InDesign

3- Zalman_Viewer 2.5 (GPLv3) 3 MB
Zalman_Viewer : Enjoy 3D photos on a stereo display without installing any drivers by simply opening desired images with this lightweight and straightforward application

4- Free PNG to ICO Converter 1.0.0 (Freeware) 2.7 MB
Free PNG to ICO Converter : An intuitive and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to batch convert PNG images to ICO format, with various output profiles

5- Fractal eXtreme 2.25 (Time-limited Trial) 6.1 MB
Fractal eXtreme : Explore multiple fractal sets, save favorite locations, customize colors and export pictures to share with friends with thanks to this powerful app

6- MSU Logo Remover VirtualDub Video plugin 3.0b (Freeware) 240 KB
MSU Logo Remover VirtualDub Video plugin : A free and useful high-quality logo remover plugin

7- jalada Fractal 2.2.0 (Demo) 15.7 MB
jalada Fractal : Powerful fractal generator that supports both the Julia and Mandelbrot sets and offers an impressive set of editing tools, while making it easy to share your creations with others

8- ConvertImg 1.5 (Freeware) 203 KB
ConvertImg : Easily convert pictures between popular formats with a rich built-in set of effects all managed from an intuitive command line interface

9- SF-Business Card 11.00 (Shareware) 18.8 MB
SF-Business Card : A practical utility, helpful for independent business owners and bank members to easily design personalized cards using a wide variety of backgrounds, font types and colors, as well as adjust the gamma and transparency le

10- EXIFManager (GNU Public License) 536 KB
EXIFManager : Quickly enter image description / user comment / author on a set of pictures, check out multiple tools and features that you could use on your pictures

11- Simply ColorPicker (Freeware) 505 KB
Simply ColorPicker : An easy-to-use color picker

12- Capture XT Screen Capture 3.0.2 (Time-limited Trial) 3.5 MB
Capture XT Screen Capture : Take screenshots and present professionally with amazing editing tools.

13- Magazine Cover Creator 1.0 (Freeware) 240 KB
Magazine Cover Creator : Create the magazine covers you want in a few simple steps using images from your computer and print them directly from the application

14- JPEG Imager (Time-limited Trial) 2.2 MB
JPEG Imager : An interactive image compressor and optimizer with many additional functions.

15- Logo Design Shop (Freeware) 63.8 MB
Logo Design Shop : An intuitive and reliable application that enables you to create and edit logos as well as add objects, photos, tag lines or visual effects

16- FireAlpaca 2.1.16 (Freeware) 26.8 MB
FireAlpaca : A useful and fully-featured image editor that supports layers and other advanced features while remaining lightweight and user-friendly

17- Aztec 2.0g (GNU Public License) 2.4 MB
Aztec : Aztec is a 3D Modelling and Animation tool that is intended to provide a decent set of tools for use in the Game development.

18- OakDoc PCL to IMAGE Converter SDK Unlimited License 2.1 (Demo) 5.9 MB
OakDoc PCL to IMAGE Converter SDK Unlimited License : A powerful piece of software that allows users to easily convert printer output files to raster images formats and vector documents

19- Sqirlz Lite 1.4 (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Sqirlz Lite : Software solution that helps you animate, bend, distort and loop a selected part of any image by drawing an outline around it and using many other features

20- Geometry Sandbox 1.0.0 (Freeware) 123 KB
Geometry Sandbox : A geometrical shape creator and graph viewer

21- Picture History 5.0.0 (Freeware) 24 KB
Picture History : A software application that provides a way to digitally record the video feed from AXIS.

22- Album Website 1.0 (Freeware) 3.8 MB
Album Website : Easily create an album with your picture collection in an intuitive process, generate a link, and share it with your friends thanks to this neat app

23- Don Rowlett Color Picker 3.0 (Freeware) 967 KB
Don Rowlett Color Picker : View the color code for any hue you might need from any location of your desktop in a jiffy with this witty and fast piece of software

24- RecursiView 1.0.3 Build 1 (Freeware) 570 KB
RecursiView : Preview images, customize the thumbnail size, set desktop wallpapers, and launch your default photo editor using this portable tool with rich file type support

25- Sequentialize 2.0 (Freeware) 117 KB
Sequentialize : Manage large image collections and organize pictures by automatically renaming folders and files according to a specific pattern

26- Watermark Magick 6.1 (Freeware) 15.3 MB
Watermark Magick : Protect your photos by adding a customizable watermark (text or picture) to all your images (batch mode is supported), and embed frames

27- Silhouette Plugin 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 245 KB
Silhouette Plugin : A simple plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that turns bitmap images into vector ones, featuring several tools for reaching the desired result

28- Eastsea Html to Image Converter (Demo) 5.8 MB
Eastsea Html to Image Converter : Converts HTML pages from any URL to image and PDF files

29- CAD-COMPO 4.06 (Time-limited Trial) 6 MB
CAD-COMPO : Makes Adobe Illustrator more suited for technical design work with the help of two-bundled plug-ins, one that offers a new set of measuring and drawing tools and the other than enhances the support for DXF files

30- StormView 1.03.0017 (Freeware) 19 KB
StormView : Simple and portable image viewer that lets you set wallpapers, change the view size, and quickly play slideshows from the current directory

31- giv 0.9.25 (LGPL) 10.4 MB
giv : View your images with ease

32- TigerCad 3.001 (Freeware) 749 KB
TigerCad : Simple technical drawing software (mech, building, diagrams, PDF, elec, garden) that's backed up by user documentation and several useful options

33- Massive/Buck Image Resizer 1.0 (Freeware) 6 KB
Massive/Buck Image Resizer : Resize multiple pictures at the same time by importing them from a custom directory and add a user-defined suffix to the output filenames

34- 3D Maker 1.2 (Demo) 510 KB
3D Maker : A straightforward and highly comprehensive plugin for photo editing and graphic designing tools which can transform 2D objects into 3D

35- MyPixelVault 1.6 (Freeware) 1.4 MB
MyPixelVault : Organize entire picture collections with options to include relevant info like photographer and camera, and generate reports with this app

36- Fopydo Image Scan 2.9.5 (Freeware) 19.9 MB
Fopydo Image Scan : Generate PDFs from photos taken with a camera

37- Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 13.0.2 (Freeware) 2 MB
Adobe Media Encoder : Encode your videos with ease using the proprietary Adobe codec for powerful yet subtle conversion of any given video format on the market

38- StickyView 1.1.4 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
StickyView : Create slideshows using JPEG photographs, as well as set the delay time and play order using this intuitive software application

39- FontInfo 1.1 (Freeware) 376 KB
FontInfo : Plugin for AdobeAcrobat 5/6/7 that shows font info of PDF documents.

40- BetterJPEG Lossless Resave Plug-in 2.0.3 (Time-limited Trial) 5 MB
BetterJPEG Lossless Resave Plug-in : Preserve photo quality when using image editing tools by relying on this useful plugin that can help you avoid recompression losses

41- SwapShop 3.1 (Freeware) 148 KB
SwapShop : This Adobe Photoshop plugin allows you to switch the colour values in your images.

42- CaptureScreen 2.0.4396.15394 (Freeware) 640 KB
CaptureScreen : Capture screen activity either from the entire desktop or custom location by adjusting window frame, edit captured pictures, and save under various file formats

43- 3DField 4.5.5 (Demo) 5.8 MB
3DField : Relive the days of the long gone explorer age, and create your own map from scratch with the help of this handy, reliable application

44- Wondershare Fotophire 1.3.1 (Demo) 167 MB
Wondershare Fotophire : A comprehensive photo manipulation software suite that comes with tools for advanced graphic editing, image cutting and photo correction

45- Softener 2.20 (Time-limited Trial) 5.1 MB
Softener : Give your images a dreamy and glossy soft focus effect by turning to this lightweight plugin that comes with a set of intuitive controls

46- 3D Maker 3.7.0 (Demo) 5.2 MB
3D Maker : Create anaglyphs, stereograms, and 3DMF objects with the help of this approachable piece of software that packs a rich set of filters

47- Color Converter (Freeware) 1.4 MB
Color Converter : Convert RGB values to HTML or TColor codes and vice versa, with the help of this simple, lightweight and fully portable application

48- Web Buttons 3.1.5 (Time-limited Trial) 10.5 MB
Web Buttons : Create unique and modern-looking web buttons for different webpages, profiles or apps choosing from a wide variety of default models, entering custom text and exporting the result as an image

49- Abrosoft FantaMorph Standard Edition 5.4.8 (Time-limited Trial) 7.1 MB
Abrosoft FantaMorph Standard Edition : Software solution that allows you to create image morphs and warp movies, you can create images and animations as it supports many file formats

50- ColorConvertz0r 1.3.5 Build 1366 (GNU Public License) 540 KB
ColorConvertz0r : Translate color properties and export information to file, particularly useful to web designers and those who generally work with photo editors