4 applications that detect problems in your phone

Detect problems in your phone Detect problems in your phone
There are many electronic components inside smartphones that may not work correctly over time, due to some of the breakdowns. To be able to see this, there are many applications that help you know the error in your Android operating system without the need for a specialized technician.

Here are four of the most prominent of these applications:
1- Phone Check and Test

It is one of the best checking Android devices applications, the user gives many information about his machine specifications, in addition to a large number of screening options such as:
- Camera Test
- Battery check and test shipping ports
- examination of Wi - Fi, and sensor fingerprints
- audio speakers, microphones, port headset buttons sound test
- screen tests related to dead pixels dead pixels and color consistency test - GPS the GPS
- test heat stress device
- examine the CPU and RAM.

2. Phone Doctor Plus
It is one of the best Android device testing applications, allowing you to perform up to 30 tests on your device to ensure that every part of it works correctly. The main test options offered by this application include:
- Test of motion sensors including gyroscopes, accelerometer and proximities
- Screen tests including dead pixels and sensor response
- Cellular and network communication tests - Humidity, pressure and temperature tests - Test CPU performance, memory and storage capacity.

3. Dead Pixels Test and Fix application
It is a free application that allows you to quickly check your device's screen and detect any dead pixels, which is suitable for both your phone and tablet in high resolution.
This app can fix dead pixels on your phone screen, fix dark or light spots, and the repair takes between a few minutes to more than an hour.

4. AccuBattery Application
This application provides important information about your device's battery such as current battery capacity versus basic capacity. It will also tell you how sustainable the battery you consume with each charge, the use of each power application, and the overall discharge speed.