3 new phones from "Huawei" .. here is the date of its launch

New Huawei Phones New Huawei Phones
Reports stated that "the Chinese company Huawei is preparing to launch its new Nova 7 phones", during this April 23, to be available in the market after only 5 days .

According to the information, the company will unveil 3 new phones: nova 7, nova 7 SE, and nova 7 Pro.

Reports indicated, "The 3 phones will come with a processor from Huawei, such as ( Kirin 985), ( Kirin 990 5G ), or ( Kirin 820).

According to expectations, "The Nova 7 phone will include a Kirin 985 processor. The Kirin 820 processor will be for the Nova 7 SE phone , while the Nova 7 Pro phone will include the Kirin 990 5G processor .

As for the prices, the data indicated that "the Nova 7 Pro phone will be sold at a price equivalent to 495 USD", while the other two phones will be sold at a lower price.