The new Sony Xperia XA3

Xperia XA3 Xperia XA3
New leaked images of the Sony Xperia XA3 have emerged, revealing a 21:9 screen like the previous XZ4, with a horizontal rear camera.

The screen resolution would be 1080 x 2560 pixels, but it is not clear whether the phone is Xperia XA3, XA3 Ultra or XA3 Plus, so it is difficult to determine the size of the screen, but according to some leaks, the XA3 will likely be 5.9 inches, while the Ultra version will come in a 6.5-inch screen.

The position of the footprint sensor is somewhat confusing, as it can be difficult to access with a 6.5-inch screen at 21:9 dimensions.

The new phone will use the Snapdragon 660 processor, Android OS orio 8.0, and it is expected to include 64GB internal memory with a 23 megapixel rear camera.