Huawei Mate X review

Huawei Mate X review Huawei Mate X review
The Huawei Mate X is the foldable phone that transforms a full 8-inch tablet into a traditional looking smartphone. Mate X was introduced in Huawei’s conference at Mobile World congress 2019. The initial impression is just how seamlessly Huawei Mate X folds down into a phone or unfurled into a tablet.
The power of Huawei Mate X cames from supporting 5G technology (you can download a 1 GB movie in 3 seconds), and from the new Kirin 980 7nm chipset, and the 4500 mAh battery.

Huawei Mate X Price:
Huawei Mate X with 512 GB of internal storage and 8 GB RAM will cost about $2600.

Huawei Mate X Release date:
The new Mate X phone release date is expected to be July or August 2019 in Europe.

Screen Design:
Huawei Mate X is a full 8-inch tablet that folds down to give you a 6.6 inch screen on the front and 6.4 inches secondary screen that can be turn on or off separately saving the phone battery.

Huawei Mate X

Camera Feature:
The new tablet has a Leica triple camera system on the grip at the side of the screen with no specific details about megapixel yet. If you want to shoot a selfie, you'll have to turn the camera to face you and the respective display will come on.

There is a big 4500 mAh battery inside, with a 55W SuperCharge wired charging, that can fully charge the battery in around 45 minutes.

Huawei Mate X

Operating system:
The Mate X does not use Android foldables interface, it runs a customized version of Android with a very smooth user interface optimized for tablet.