iPhone 5G Release date

iPhone 5G Release date iPhone 5G Release date
iPhone 2020 version may support 5G networks and is expected to have a big impact on sales, said analyst Ming Chi-ku, who is the author of the most popular and accurate leaks on Apple products.

Apple, along with Qualcomm, is expected to rely on its market rival, Samsung , to supply each of them with a different device depending on each of the 5G networks.

With Intel's final exit from the smartphone modem market, Huawei's statement that it is ready to provide Apple with the 5G modems is just a public relations move by the Chinese company.

Ko expects the fifth-generation 5G modem to increase iPhone sales from 188 to 192 million in 2019 and then from 195 to 200 million by 2020. Between 70 and 75 million of those sales are expected in 2020 in the second half of the year 2020, after the launch of iPhone 5G.

The expected increase in 2019 and 2020 is still below the sales of iPhone phones in 2015, when the company sold 231.2 million units. The company then sold 211.8 million units, 216.8 million units and 217.7 million units in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

With regard to the iPhone 5G, Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturer TSMC has also developed a 5nm design infrastructure that can be used for future chips that can be seen in the 2020 version. Earlier speculation had suggested that it could be used in A14 processors for iPhone 2020.