The secret that makes Samsung Galaxy S10, the fastest.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Electronics is secretly hiding a secret feature, that will make Samsung Galaxy S10, the fastest.
Samsung Galaxy S10 will be supported by a Wi-Fi technology known as Wi-Fi 6
The technology is expected to make the three models of Galaxy S10 the world's fastest in terms of Internet speed!
Moreover, the combination between Wi-Fi 6 and the new qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor will make Samsung Galaxy S10 the fastest and the most powerfull in the world.

Samsung is expected to announce later the 3 new models: Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 Plus, all of which will be support 5G technology.
Press reports indicated that the 5.6-inch Galaxy S10E with more widescreen and dual-rear camera, but the surprise would be that it did not support a fingerprint sensor.
The leaked images show that the front camera of the Galaxy S10E will be similar to iPhone XR, but it has been moved to the right side of screen.
The most significant feature in the Galaxy S10 Plus will be the 12 GB of RAM, and the 1 terabytes internal storage capacity.