A big change in Whatsapp .. What does it include?

Big change in Whatsapp Big change in Whatsapp
WhatsApp, impose restrictions on messages Forward,and this will be applied to all users, in an attempt to impose restrictions on the spread of rumors and false information and false messages.

WhatsApp we will impose restrictions on messages Forward, so that it can be sent to five users max. Previously, the user was able to resend messages up to 20 individuals or groups.
India is the largest market for WhatsApp with more than 200 million users. Last July and in response to an appeal from the Indian Ministry of Technology that it is seeking partnership with the government and society in general to curb the spread of false news across its platform, and has already worked on a test to limit the resubmission of messages that entered into force today. Months ago, the WhatsApp application adds a forwarded word to messages that are re-passed in order to alert the future of the message to the origin of the content it has reached. The new restrictions will be applied to the retransmission of WhatsApp messages once the new application update is loaded.