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Facebook Messenger new design

Facebook Messenger... a new design and five secrets

Facebook users was surprised by the new Facebook Messenger design. It was remarkable that a large number of users do not know that the new update contains five secrets:
1- Facebook Messenger porvides 3 new tabs: Chats, Search for people and Discover people/stories.
2- Color Gradients ,...

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new feature from Twitter

Discover this new feature from Twitter!

Numerous press reports have revealed that Twitter is planning to launch a unique feature for the first time in its history.
Twitter users may have the opportunity to modify the original tweets for the first time in the history of Twitter.

Twitter's founder explained that this unique...

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Devices that will deposit whatsapp

These devices will deposit whatsapp!

Whatsapp is preparing to leave a number of legacy devices in 2019 and 2020, as it will no longer operate on certain devices and operating systems.
Whatsapp will stop working on iOS 7 and older versions, as well as Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread and Nokia Series 40.
Users of the Nokia Series 4...

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new or refurbished

How do you know if your iPhone is new or refurbished?

Some people buy new iPhones that are relatively cheap compared to the price in Apple stores around the world. If this happened to you, there's a way to check if your iPhone is new or a refurbished one.

The information on the box will tell you everything you need to know.

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Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView launch date

HMD Global Oy has recently decided to invite journalists to attend the MWC 2019 Mobile World Congress that will be held this February in Barcelona, Spain.
Based on the content of previous release, HMD Global Oy seems to be going to unveil some new smartphones at the event. One of them is the l...

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eUFS memory chips

Samsung Surprise .. Launch of unprecedented memory chips!

Samsung has announced that it will soon launch the first eUFS memory chips for phones with one terabyte of storage. eUFS is expected to become the alternative of the currently used microSD chipsets.
The new chips can replace SSDs to store information in computers and portable devices as well. ...

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Closing date of Google plus

Google reveals the closing date of Google plus

In a letter received Saturday by a large number of users, Google revealed the closing date of the Google Plus service. Users will not be able to make new pages, events or personal accounts starting the 4th February. The company decided to delete all the users content users by April 2 , 2019 , wh...

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Hydrogen-powered Drone

Launch of a Hydrogen-powered Drone!

More than 100 manufacturers from all over the world have introduced hydro-hydrogen Dronr at the technical exhibition held in South Korea . Doosan Corporation was ammong these companies, the South Korean company invented hydrogen batteries for this type of drones, and began selling them for 161 USD,...

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Your website in PDF

How to save a website in PDF format for free?

There are many reasons why a user needs to convert a website to PDF format and store them for later use if the Internet connection is interrupted or if the user wants to send his website content to friends.
Websites are often converted to PDF format easily using software application or by inte...

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Gmail down

Gmail down around the world

Google's Gmail service has been down around the world, making users unable to read their e-mail messages. Users complained about the problems signing in with a "404 error" message.

Gmail down

DownDetector, the famous application to monitor ne...

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Group FaceTime is  temporarily disabled

Apple has temporarily disabled its Group FaceTime feature in iOS and macOS

Due to a major security flaw Apple has temporarily disabled Group FaceTime. This major flaw has allowed anyone to call a phone or Mac and listen in before the other person picks up. Tricking FaceTime into thinking it’s an active call and forcing the person you’re actually calling to start transmitti...

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Smartphones Cameras

Will the new smartphones replace professional cameras?

After the smartphones cameras replaced the compact digital cameras and surpassed them in terms of quality and potential, smartphones camera is now moving to another level, and may compete with professional cameras. Smartphones cameras are now equiped with enhanced technology and applications that m...

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Changes in Snapchat

Will Snapchat give up its most important feature?

Snapchat is considering a change that no one would ever have thought of, Reuters reported Tuesday. Snap Inc is considering changes to its Snapchat app that could make users’ public posts lasts longer or even permanent.

Snapchat is a service that allows users to publish temporary photos a...

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The death of Whatsapp is imminent

Top secret: the death of Whatsapp is imminent ... Here are the alternatives.

Facebook has written the first letters of the death certificate of the popular IM application "Whatsapp", which forces the user to choose between one of the below five alternatives.

The New York Times, published in a lengthy report, that Mark Zuckerberg intends to consolidate the infrast...

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Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger integration

Facebook breaks the barriers .. The integration of Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook is planinng to combine messaging services across applications, integrating chats in WhatsApp and Messenger and Instagram, where WhatsApp user will be able to start a conversation with Instagram user or Messenger and break down the barriers between social platforms on Facebook.


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WLAN networks

WLAN networks: very fast and installed with room lamps.

French company Ulydcom announced the development of the new LiFiMax technology, which allows the user to transmit data via optical waves, so that WLAN networks can be operated soon in the rooms by LED lamps installed in the ceiling of the room and not via radio waves.

The new technology ...

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Facebook working on the 'LOL'

Facebook secretly working on 'LOL'

The social networking company Facebook is working on a new secret project called LOL, a platform that focuses on memes, which are comic and aimed at teenagers, in an attempt to compete with platforms such as Tic Took, Snape Chat, And "Instagram".

The Next Web site says 100 students are cur...

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Faster 3D printers

100 times faster 3D printers

Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a new method of 3D printing, up to 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing, which means a major shift in the field. The new method of three-dimensional printing differs from the traditional method of lithography (SLA). The method involve...

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Learn about the difference between "Wi-Fi" security modes and which is the safest!

There are differences between each secuirty type of the Wi-Fi network, which is the best in terms of information security (WPA, WPA, WPA2, WPA3)?

Wifi security modes
Bellow are some hints:
WEP: oldest, less secure and vulnerable.
WPA and W...

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